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30.3.15 Centre closing for Easter break. We would like to advise everyone that the Centre will close at 5 pm on Holy Thursday 2nd April and will re-open at 10 am on Tuesday 7th April. On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who celebrates Easter, a very Happy Easter. For more information »

23.3.15 Cyber bullying lecture. The Deaf Ladies Cuppa are hosting an event with John Willis who will be giving a lecture about cyber bullying on Wednesday 13th May 2015 from 10am - 1pm in Cabragh Hall, Deaf Village Ireland, Ratoath Road, Cabra, Dublin 7. For more information »

16.3.15 Subtitled films in Tralee Omniplex. Subtitled films EVERY Wednesday night. To check which movie is subtitled each week, go to For more information »

9.3.15 Easter camp / Easter Junior and Leaving cert revision course. Deaf Village Ireland and The Deaf Schools, Cabra are presenting an Easter Camp for Deaf and hard of hearing students, at St Mary's Residence, St Joseph's School, and Deaf Village Ireland, Navan Road, Cabra, Dublin 7, from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th April 2015. For more information »

2.3.15 Breast screening and cervical cancer screening in ISL. Videos in Irish Sign Language as part of their Cervical Cancer screening and Breast Screening programmes to show what happens when women attend their appointment for a cervical / smear test or a mammogram. For information on breast screening in Ireland »

23.2.15 Reminder of 112 text emergency service. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals can access Emergency services by text message. Instead of 999, you send a text to 112 if you need to contact Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Garda and/or Coast Guards. For more information »

16.2.15 Just Vlogging - ISL Vlogs On Facebook. It is a fantastic Facebook group where people can submit clips in sign language for other people to view and comment on. Vlogging is becoming very popular in the Deaf community. For more information »

9.2.15 For Deaf students who may be interested in studying in the Institute of Technology Tralee. Due to demand, IT, Tralee is once again offering its Information Seminar for Senior Cycle Students with Disabilities and their parents/guardians on 27th February 2015, 10am to 1pm in the Institute of Technology, Tralee North Campus. If you require a sign language interpreter to access this event then please return the form immediately or notify the Access Officer at or 066 7191682. For more information »

9.2.15 Kerry Deaf Women's Group social lunch. The first social lunch for 2015 will be held in The Daily Grind, 33 The Mall, Tralee, Co. Kerry on 25th February at 12.30 pm. All are welcome. Please confirm by 18th February via Facebook page: For more information »

2.2.15 Change of address for Kerry audiology - hearing aid service. The HSE's Audiology and Hearing Aid Service has moved from Edward Street, Tralee and can now be found in Aras an Phobail, Deans Lane, Tralee. Their Open Repair Service will still be held on Thursday's from 11 am - 1.30 pm. No appointment is necessary. New phone number: 076 1083154. For more information »

26.1.15 Shared reading programme - update. The programme provides resources and support to hearing parents and caregivers so they can learn to read with their deaf or hard of hearing children through Irish Sign Language (ISL). For more information »

19.1.15 New Sign Langauge Courses - Killarney & Tralee. Killarney: Tuesday 27th January from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. They will run for seven weeks and cost is €90. Tralee: September 2015 and usually run for 16 weeks. This is an accredited course with an exam at the end. For more information »

12.1.15 Craft classes and social get together. Christina O'Donoghue will run the classes every Thursday from 2pm to 4pm from Thursday 15th January. For more information »

5.1.15 Opening hours for 2015. Monday to Thursday (10am - 1pm and 2pm to 5pm) and Friday 10am to 1pm. To make sure we provide you with the best service, we would recommend that you make an appointment in advance if you would like to meet with a particular staff member. To make an appointment, you can text 087 633 4687 or email For more information »

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Our Mission:

To ensure Deaf adults, children, and their families have full access to services and information which are available in the Kerry region so they are able to be self determining, independent and able to participate at all levels in the Kerry Community.

Our Vision:

To be the leading Resource Centre providing support and services for Deaf adults, children, and their families and other related organisations in Kerry.

Our Values:

  • Deaf people CAN !!!!!!!
  • Deaf people and Deaf culture should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Deaf people have the right and responsibility to be involved in the planning, delivery and monitoring of all services intended for their use
  • Irish sign language is the natural language of Deaf people and together with Deaf culture is recognised and accepted by the Centre
  • Other modes of communication modes used by Deaf people are also recognised and accepted.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Profile:

» To promote human and citizenship rights for Deaf people in Kerry and Ireland

» To foster the legal and official recognition of Irish Sign Language and to establish the rights to use Irish Sign Language (hereinafter referred to as "I.S.L.") as a primary means of communication in all aspects of life

» To develop, manage and promote any activity in furtherance to the objects of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited

» To keep in touch with new developments, new methods and approaches in the Deaf Community and to disseminate information on I.S.L, Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community to its' members and wider Society

» To promote the research of any aids and equipment - designed specifically or otherwise to benefit the Deaf and distribution of aids approved by the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited for use by the Deaf To provide opportunity for constructive discussion of societal and ethical issues of Deaf people, I.S.L. and Deaf Culture

» To advise and assist, at the discretion of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited, other bodies or individuals in Deaf related matters

» To affiliate, at the discretion of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited to any body, local, national and international, for the purpose of furthering objects of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre

» To promote public awareness of I.S.L, Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community

» To lobby and negotiate, where appropriate, with government departments or other agencies or bodies on behalf of its members, affiliated groups or other parties

» To negotiate, where appropriate, with national bodies for funding and/or support for the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited or its projects, either independently or in partnership with other organisations

» To foster the cultural and educational advancement of Deaf people; To inform individual Deaf people of grants available to them

» To publicise generally the aims and objectives of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited through comprehensive media briefing with a view to raising public awareness of all aspects of Deaf-related matters

» To provide expert advice, consultancy services, classes of instruction, tuition, lectures, meetings, discussion groups, exhibitions, printed matter and literature in relation to or furtherance of the objects of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited

» To employ interpreters, consultants or other persons to the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Company Limited or its members

» To ensure Deaf adults, children, and their families have full access to services and information which are available in the Kerry region so they are able to be self determining, independent and able to participate at all levels in the Kerry Community.

» Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Co. Ltd.

Sections is underway

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Social calendar and gallery sections is stalled at the moment, hopefully something will be up and running shortly.

Overuse of mailing lists

There was a time when it was difficult to access information. However with the introduction of e-mail, e-groups etc information is more readily available.

The only problem is, alot of organisations like Kerry Deaf Resource Centre & individuals are receiving information from numerous sources about the same events.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre receives information in duplicate, triplicate and sometime more often but doesn't mind as the delete button on our computer is easy to find.

However, we do not want to be guilty ourselves of over-informing people. The problem is??, its difficult to know who is or who is not receiving information, what type of information they are getting, and lastly if they are getting the same information from different sources.

If you are receiving information from Kerry Deaf Resource Centre and are already getting it from other sources, please email us as we'd like to remove your name from our lists. That way, Kerry Deaf Resource Centre is contributing to information being available to those who want it, and to those who wish to have it, but not to those who are getting information elsewhere or who do not want to have it.

» Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Co. Ltd.

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