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3 July 2003 (VOL 1 WEEK 1)

Our one-day summer tour for Deaf people, their families and friends will be held this Saturday 5th July to Limerick. If you haven't already booked, we will meet people in the following stops Killarney (car park near ESB) at 8.30am, Tralee (Grand Hotel) at 9.00am and Listowel (The Square) at 9.30am. Don't forget to bring your packed lunch. Adults are €12.00 and children are €6.00.

There will be no monthly Mass for July and August. Please note, the second Sunday of each month from September, Masses will continue. A sign language interpreter and childcare will be provided.

Irish Sign Language classes are available. If you are interested in attending one of our classes, get in touch with us so we can put you on our waiting list.

We are still trying to source funding for our trip to the World Federation of the Deaf Congress, which will be held in Montreal beginning on 17th July. If you have any ideas, please do let us know.

Our very sincere thanks to all the individuals and companies who have assisted with our fundraising efforts to date in Kerry and Cork for our trip. Our only state funding has been received through Jimmy Deenihan (FGƑ and Martin Ferris (SF). Our sincere thanks to both.

We would also like to thank Noreen Buckley, Wake Up to Special Needs for the extra efforts she has made in promoting the cause of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre.

Geraldine Broderick, our representative for the Kerry Rose Ball Selection did us proud last Saturday at the Brandon Hotel, Tralee. We enjoyed her party piece. I was going to sign a song, but our interpreter can't sing. Well done Geraldine!

If there are any Deaf people or parents interested in becoming a member of the Kerry County Childcare Committee, do let us know. It is important our views are taken on board in as many arenas as possible.

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10 July 2003 (VOL 1 WEEK 2)

Welcome to our second article in Club News. Our summer day trip to Limerick & Clare was a huge success. A big thanks to all those who helped to organise the day.

The Deaf Action Group (DAG) would like to thank all those who helped with our fundraising efforts to attend the World Federation of the Deaf Conference in Canada in July. Special thanks to Jimmy Deenihan, Martin Ferris, Brian Crowley & Valerie Fletcher (UCC) for their generous contributions.

The Deaf Action Group would like to inform all those travelling to Canada, that we will be leaving Tralee on the 17th of July at 6.15 am. Everyone to meet at Tralee Bus Station at 6am.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre has developed a new website. The address is A huge thanks to Alma Bermingham for designing the site for us. Thanks also to Comhairle for funding our Information Project- developing a website was an aim of this project.

If you have any information needs, do not hesitate to email us. We will work with Comhairle to ensure that you get the information you are looking for!!

Items for sale- Kerry Deaf Resource Centre t-shirts €15 and cups €7.50

We also have hearing aid batteries for sale at €3 for a pack of 6. A range of equipment is on display in our Centre- these include amplified telephones, flashing light doorbells and vibrating alarm clocks.

A big thanks to April Drew, Veronica White & Willie White for volunteering in Dublin for the Special Olympics. Willie was lucky enough to get access to the VIP room at the Opening Ceremony & have a cup of tea with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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17 July 2003 (VOL 1 WEEK 3)

Hello to all our members again. Thank you so much for the feedback you gave on having a regular report in the Kerryman. It's good to know you think it's a good way of sending out information to members.

Thank you also for the feedback on our new website. We have made some changes- we are working on putting a photo gallery on the website, should be ready in a few weeks. If you would like to put a photo on our website, please send it to us. Don't forget our address is

The Forum of People with Disabilities wants to know if you have a story to tell? As part of the European Year of People with Disabilities, the Forum of People with Disabilities wants to find thirty disabled people from throughout Ireland to tell their stories. The interviews will be recorded in a book that will be published this Autumn. If you are interested please contact the Forum. For their details look at the website

Art & Cultural Society of the Deaf will have a sponsored swim at 12 noon on Sunday 27th July 2003 (Weather & Sea Conditions permitting) Forty Foot - Bulloch Harbour, Sandycove, Co Dublin.

Hands On: TV programme for the Deaf is looking for a researcher for the next series. The person should have an in-depth knowledge of the Irish Deaf Community; be fluent in ISL and also have an excellent proficiency in English. While no TV experience is necessary a proven ability to research a subject and deliver briefs would be beneficial. For more details, email us.

The Irish Deaf Society in Dublin have 2 vacancies:

  1. Programme Development Manager
  2. Administrator.
If you want more information on either of these positions, do not hesitate to email us.

Lastly, Deaf Action Group (DAG) fly out to the World Federation of the Deaf conference in Canada today. We wish them a safe & enjoyable trip. Many thanks to all those who helped with our fundraising for this event. A dream has become a reality. Lastly, a huge thanks to Minister Mary Coughlan & the Dept of Social & Family Affairs for their generous grant. This grant will help pay for Interpreting costs as well as conference fees for delegates. We are hugely grateful for the support of the Minister her department.

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24 July 2003 (VOL 1 WEEK 4)

News from Canada, after a very early departure from Tralee and a long flight from Shannon - our group of 22 finally arrived in Montreal on the 17th of July after a short stopover in Toronto.

Before attending the 14th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, which got underway this week at the Montreal Convention Centre - the group managed to travel to Quebec for the day & then visit a native American reserve. At the conference, our group joined representatives from 75 countries to gather and share information on the progress made to improve the lives of Deaf people.

Chris Kenopic, the President of the Canadian Association of the Deaf and of the Congress welcomed the thousands of participants. The conference will take stock of the deaf community's situation in the world. In addition to themes such as education, health or technologies, the conference will examine the situation of deaf people in developing countries, human rights for the Deaf, & community relations.

During the week, special interest groups will deal with more specific subjects such as the deafblind situation, women's role in the deaf community, & the use of the media.

Forums will also take place every day and will look into issues such as adult literacy, performing arts and other subjects of interest to the Deaf community. It won't be all-serious, as our group intends to attend some of the varied nighttime entertainment programme presented by Deaf people using sign language.

On a different note. Here's a date for your diary: The Irish Deaf Society in association with Model School for the Deaf Project will host an Education Seminar entitled "Are We Being Listened To?" in Trinity College, Dublin on Saturday, 4th October 2003 (9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m)

The seminar will reflect on the current situation regarding the education of Deaf children & ask whether Deaf people and parents of the Deaf are being listened to? Do the education authorities listen to our views or ignore them? It is now the 21st Century, yet Deaf children are not getting the education they deserve.

Deaf Awareness Week will also be held from the 6th - 12th of October. Have you any ideas for this week- it's important that Deaf people & their families get involved in this event. The aim of the week is to increase awareness amongst the general public of the rights of Deaf people.

Lastly, we have just got a new stock of hearing aid batteries in €3 for a pack of 6. We also have a display cabinet in our office, which shows a range of equipment that is available for Deaf & hard of hearing people.

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31 July 2003 (VOL 1 WEEK 5)

The 14th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf came to an end this week. Most of our group returned home today after an exciting time meeting people from all over the world. The conference was conducted through

  1. International Sign (IS),
  2. American Sign Language (ASL),
  3. Langue des Signes Qu b coise (LSQ),
  4. English and French.
Our group also had access to 2 Sign Language Interpreters from Kerry who flew out to Canada with them. Simultaneous interpretation in all five languages, were provided at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, during Keynote and Plenary presentations, and during Commissions. Captioning in English and French was also available in Ceremonies as well as Keynote, Plenary Sessions and Commissions. For many of our group, this would have been the first time they attended an International event & to see so many languages in action was a fascinating part of the conference.

Commissions covering Education, Language and Culture, Human Rights, Community Relations, Technology, Developing Countries and Health were presented over two days. Special Interest Groups discussed Deaf Indigenous People, Deafblind, Deaf Women, Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs), Deaf Lesbians and Gays, Deaf Senior Citizens, Religion, Deaf Youth, Business and Media.

Madrid has been awarded the next World conference in 2007 - if anyone is interested in attending this, please let us know - we need to start work on this to ensure another big delegation represents our service & community.

Applications are invited for inclusion in a panel of part-time teachers of sign language in the Civil Service Language Centre in Dublin or in decentralised offices. Applicants must hold a recognised qualification in Irish Sign Language and have teaching experience. For more information, contact us, or e-mail:

Cork Association for the Deaf is planning a trip to Kerry on the 1st week of October. The group hope to stay in Ballybunion. The cost will be €80 for a weekend or €150 for a week. If you are interested in joining this group for the weekend or week, please let me know. The Cork group would like to meet with Kerry Deaf when they come to Kerry.

We have CD's on sign language for sale. For a set of 2 CD's it will cost €44.92 including post. We have a range of books & videos on Deaf-related subjects - if you want to borrow a book or video - call to our office to see what we have in our library.

It has been mentioned that some people would like to see the Centre open at night times & weekends. Are you Deaf? are you interested in using our building at those times. We are always looking at ways to make sure we provide a full service to our members. Our service is usually open from Monday to Friday 9.30 - 1 and from 2 - 5pm but we would be more than happy to open it at night & weekends. Please let us know what you think!!!!

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