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4 November 2004 (VOL 2 WEEK 44)

Hello all and welcome to our weekly section again. It's about 7 weeks to Christmas so things are starting to get busy. Firstly, we'd like to wish some of our staff a happy birthday - Catherine White celebrated her 40th with a big party recently. Rose and Niamh in our office celebrated their birthday too. Lastly, Willie White enjoyed his 35th birthday last Friday.

We've booked our Christmas party for the 19th of December in Meadowlands Hotel in Tralee. As usual, it will start at 2pm. We will have a four course meal, along with Santa, spot prizes and face painting. For those who want Mass on the day, please arrive at the hotel at 1pm. The price will be €15 per adult and €10 per child. To keep ticket prices as low as possible, our service pays for the remainder of the costs.

On the day of our party, we will have our 2nd Deaf Oscars. This is a chance for our members to nominate a "Deaf Supporter and Hearing Supporter of the Year" In total we will have 3 prizes in each category. If you want to nominate someone for an award, send us or email us: their name as soon as you can.

Our office staff will also be nominating people who have supported our work through-out the year. They will be presented with a Certificate of Appreciation at a Wine and mince pie event sometime in December before we close for Christmas.

An important person who has supported the Deaf Community in her term as President will be inaugurated on the 11th of November. We would like to wish President Mary Mc Aleese well in her new term and look forward to seeing again in her new Presidency. We are glad to hear that RTÉ will be subtitling the Inauguration this time round.

Our mass for Deaf members will be held every 2nd Sunday. Our next Mass will be at 3pm in our Centre on the 14th of November. We'd like send our best wishes to Fr. Placid Nolan and look forward to seeing him at our Mass. As always, Veronica will interpret the mass. Tea and coffee will be served. If you intend to bring children to this, please let us know so that we can arrange child activities for them.

Lastly, our Street Collection will be on the 11th and 12th of November in Tralee. Our Church Collection will be through-out Kerry (except for Tralee and Killarney); on the 20th and 21st of November. All monies raised from these events help us to pay for heating, phone and other bills in running the office. We really need volunteers for these events. If you are available, contact or email us: as soon as possible.

As you know Ireland and the UK held a Deaf Youth Camp recently. They have now set up a new website. We'd like to wish them well with their new website and for any events they organise in the near future.

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11 November 2004 (VOL 2 WEEK 45)

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Don't forget our Sunday Mass will happen this Sunday 14th November at 3.00pm. after the Mass, Elaine Grehan from the Deafoward Project based at the Irish Deaf Society will give a presentation. You may remember the Deafoward meeting was cancelled for Friday 22nd October.

Don't forget Partnership Trali are providing training. If you would like to join any of the courses, let us know as soon as possible. We have Deaf people joining up for the Equality Training for Trainers, Anti-Racism Training. How to get good volunteers and conflict management training.

The Kerry Deaf Adult Learning programme is still at the development stage. If you are interesting in knowing what has been happening to date. Please contact Catherine White, the Project Co-ordinator for the programme. The project email address is email us:

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with fund raising. If you enjoy doing this kind of work, we would be delighted if you would contact us. Our fundraising helps us keep the Centre open for all our Deaf and hard of hearing members and their families and statutory and non-statutory organisations.

Finally, we wish one of our younger members Connor Nourse a very happy 6th Birthday.

If you have any information you would like us to include in our Club Notes, please do contact or email us: us.

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18 November 2004 (VOL 2 WEEK 46)

We've had a busy week this week.

The highlight of the week will definitely go to Willie White who was invited to the Inauguration ceremony of President Mc Aleese in Dublin Castle. We're sure Willie will be framing his invite and the booklet with the Order of the Ceremony. A huge thanks to RTÉ for subtitling the event this year.

We'd also like to thank Julianne Gillen for coming to Kerry on Sunday. Julianne gave a talk on behalf of Deaforward. The meeting was informative and enjoyable. We will inform you of future Deaforward meetings when they are organised.

We also had our monthly mass on Sunday - thanks to Fr. Placid Nolan and to Veronica White. We had a number of new people at the mass this month - we hope they enjoyed it and look forward to seeing them again.

Last week, we held our Street Collection and want to thank the volunteers who assisted. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather and confusion over permits, our income was down considerably this year. However, our Church collections are on this weekend so hopefully the weather will be on our side. If you are in the South Kerry area, we would appreciate volunteers as our regular collectors are not available this year.

Our Christmas part is on 19th of December, so get your names into us as soon as possible and don't forget to send us your nominations for Deaf and hearing supporters of the year awards. More information will be sent to members within the next few weeks. Volunteers will be needed soon to source spot prizes, if you can help - please contact or email us:

We have received 19 nominations for our Certificate of Appreciation awards so thanks to all of our staff who nominated people to receive a certificate from our office.

South Kerry Development Partnership will hold a conference on "Supporting Families with Additional Needs Children" in Killarney on the 27th of November. Sign language Interpreters have been booked for this event so if you want to attend, please let us know as soon as possible or email us:

Cork Association for the Deaf will hold its Elderly Christmas dinner on the 14th of December in Toger in Cork. If you are interested in attending, contact Susan in CAD. Otherwise, contact our service as CAD have sent us some information for our notice board.

Lastly, do you require minor hearing aid repairs / cleaning? If so contact or email us: for an appointment and we will see if we can be of help. If the repairs are more serious, we can arrange for them to be sent to the relevant agency / service.

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25 November 2004 (VOL 2 WEEK 47)

On behalf of our service, we'd like to apologise to our members for not having our weekly notes in, this was due to a computer problem in our office. However, it was published on The Kerryman newspaper, if anyone would be kind enough to retrieve our weekly notes to post it on website and email to: Thank you.

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