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3 November 2005 (VOL 3 WEEK 44)

Hello and welcome again to our weekly round-up of news. We hope you all had an enjoyable and safe Halloween.c Our next monthly mass will be on the 2nd of November in our Centre in Tralee at 3pm. Veronica White (NCDP) will interpret the mass. Tea and coffee will be served.

The Institutional Redress Board which was established to deal with abuse in schools have issued a deadline of submissions. If you would like to meet with a solicitor and lodge a complaint regarding abuse in schools, please contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange for you to meet with an approved solicitor.

Our EEI students will have weekend workshops coming up in November and December. The following topics have been arranged for the students:- 12th and 13th November "Introduction to Sign Linguistics" on 3rd and 4th December 2005 "ISL Curriculum Planning". If you would like to learn more about our EEI project, go to the following website

Our Christmas party is being planned for December in Tralee. We need volunteers to collect spot prizes from local businesses. If you have a few hours to spare, we would really appreciate it. Details of the party will be available towards the end of November.

Lastly, we will be announcing our Deaf and hearing supporter of the year awards at our Christmas party. Is there someone out there that you feel has contributed to our service through-out the year. If so, send us your nominations.

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10 November 2005 (VOL 3 WEEK 45)

Hello to all our weekly readers. Associate Professor Mary Power Head of Communication and Media, Bond University, Queensland will give a lecture on "A Silent revolution: Deaf people's social and business use of SMS and text based communication technologies", Thursday 10th Nov at 8pm in the Arts Building, Room 2041B (UI ChadhainTheatre), Trinity College. Entrance is free and Interpretation will be provided.

International Literacy Day (ILD) is a celebration for all involved in adult literacy. It takes place on Saturday 26th November, in the Gresham Metropole Hotel, Cork between 10.30am to 4pm.

The focus this year is on students and in particular on the personal development and confidence building that goes on in adult literacy. There will be a launch of two new publications, a display of learners' development work, and interactive workshops. If you would like to attend, please contact us to ensure your access needs are met.

Hands On featured a new logo by The British Deaf Association. The aim of the logo is to increase awareness of BSL- British Sign Language. To see a copy of the clip: go to the following link As a result of this, KDRC has decided to develop a similar logo to increase awareness of Irish Sign Language in Kerry.

"World Around You" is an electronic publication of the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center on the campus of Gallaudet University. It is a web-zine for deaf and hard of hearing teens. It covers news, deaf culture, sports, and international events in a new and exciting web publication. For information, inquiries, or story submissions, email Cathryn Carroll at email: To be added to their mailing list, email

The Laurent Clerc National Education Centre in Gallaudet University has their own news bulletin: if you would like to subscribe, send an e-mail to the following:

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17 November 2005 (VOL 3 WEEK 46)

Hello to all our weekly readers. Just a reminder that our Church Collections are on this Sunday. If you intend to fundraise for us at the Churches, contact us immediately and we will send you posters and permits.

We had a busy time last weekend with EEI training and our monthly mass. A big thanks to Senan Dunne who gave training on Linguistics to our EEI students. A big thanks also to the Wheelchair Association who provided accessible transports which enable some of our members attend our monthly mass.

Our EEI students have more training this weekend. CACDP will provide training on "Communication Tactics with Deaf People". This is accredited training offered by CACDP. This will enable our students to offer accredited training to people in Kerry on how to communicate with Deaf people.

The National Chaplaincy for Deaf People (NCDP) have launched their DVD on religious signs. This is now available for sale at €25 per copy. For more information, go to their website at

The Chaplaincy has also developed an "Interpreting Policy" which is available on their website too. This was developed in response to a growing need for people to be informed on how to best include people who are Deaf in the life of the Church.

The Irish Fulbright Commission finances study, research, teaching and other educational exchanges between Ireland and the United States. The Commission has a dedicated award for a deaf student to study at Gallaudet University in Washington DC at either undergraduate or post-graduate level. Gallaudet University is the only liberally arts college in the world to cater exclusively for Deaf undergraduates. Closing date for receipt of applications for awards for the 2006/2007 academic year is Friday 18th November at 5.00pm.

For further information, including Application Forms and Terms and Conditions for the award, is available on the Commission's website or from email: or tel 01-6607670.

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25 November 2005 (VOL 3 WEEK 47)

We'd like to start by thanking CACDP for a very informative training weekend with our EEI students. A special thanks to Ian for coming over from the UK to provide the workshop. It's always great for our students to be trained by Deaf professionals. A big thanks to the Community Development Project for allowing us to use their training room. Our training would not have been possible without the interpreting skills of Catherine White who translated from British Sign Language (BSL) to Irish Sign Language (ISL). Lastly, we really appreciated having hearing volunteers come in- this enabled us to set up mock exam systems which were a part of the students assessor training.

KDRC is updating its equipment page on our website: if there a particular piece of equipment that you would like us to display on the site. Alternatively, have you any suggestions for the layout, style, equipment choice etc. If you have any comments, please contact us asap.

A huge thanks to all those who participated in our Church Gate collections at the weekend. Every year we find it difficult to source volunteers, so we really are thankful to those who assist us especially when the weather is usually cold or wet in November. The funding from these collections are spent on the overheads that we have during the year. We would much prefer to secure Government funding to pay for these overheads but until that day arrives, we have no choice but to carry out collections. Thanks again to everyone.

Lastly, a big thanks to the Tralee Community College for allowing us to provide Deaf Awareness Training to three classes during the week. In total, we provided training to approx 60-70 students. A big thanks to Carmel Kelly for arranging the classes for us.

A big thanks also to Mounthawk School for setting up two sets of sign language classes. A number of students there are taking this subject as part of their Presidents Awards so good luck to all of them. It's always great to see schools and colleges take on Deaf Awareness or sign language classes.

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