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12 January 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 2)

Hello and Happy New Year to all our members and our readers. Hope you all had a happy and relaxing Christmas, best wishes to all of you for 2006. As this is our first week back, our update will be quite short.

Our next monthly mass will be on Sunday 15th Jan. Thereafter, our masses will be on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 3pm. Sunday 13th Feb/ 13th March/ 10th April 06/ 8th May 2006. An Interpreter will be provided. Tea and coffee will be served.

Our next EEI Management meeting will be on this Thursday 12th at 10am in our office. If you have any items for the agenda, please contact us. The six month report for the EEI project is due also- if you have any comments/suggestions, please contact Catherine.

Lastly, a huge thanks to our staff / interpreters who worked through the Christmas and New Year period. It was a busy time for you all and the substantial work you did is greatly appreciated.

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19 January 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 3)

Hello and welcome to our weekly notes. Last weekend Teresa Lynch from Dublin gave a very entertaining and enjoyable workshop on the use of facial expressions in ISL. Through much laughter there was a lot of learning. Thank you Teresa.

Our regular Deaf Mass took place last Sunday in the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre and the next monthly Deaf Mass will be held in the Cork Association for the Deaf on Thursday 17th January at 8pm.

The Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs will be visiting the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre this Wednesday 18th January. If you would like to meet the Minister, drop in around 4pm onwards.

CACDP will be providing their three day Assessor training for our Deaf Adult Tutors to be able to assess anyone undertaking CACDP Level 1 Certificate in ISL. This will take place from 27-29th January.

The EEI Project is now in its final year and aiming towards our 18 Deaf Adult Tutors receiving their various qualifications by Saturday 21st October for the EEI Project Conference and Awards Ceremony. If you would like to attend the Conference, let us know. We would like to know the potential numbers interested in attending.

Our Deaf Adult Tutors will also receive their official ID cards from CACDP to show they are qualified to assess anyone undertaking the Level 1 Certificate in Communication Tactics. Well done to those who will receive their ID cards.

The KDRC would like to know from Deaf Tutors around the country, the fees they charge for teaching Irish Sign Language and for one day training courses on any Deaf related subjects. All comments by email:

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26 January 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 4)

Hello and welcome to our weekly news section. Last week Minister Noel Ahern and some of his colleagues visited the KDRC and met with our staff and members of the EEI Project. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all and our thanks once again to Mr Ahern's department for funding the refurbishment of the ground floor of the KDRC.

Our thanks go to CACDP who this weekend will provide our Deaf Adult Tutors a three day Assessor Training for ISL Level 1. This means that if any student who is learning CACDP ISL 1 will have a group of Deaf Examiners in Kerry, Cork and Limerick who will also be trained to assess.

Our thanks also go to Leargas who came to visit the EEI Project and provide us will valuable assistance and advice on how to proceed with the final year of the project.

The Kerry Deaf Adult Learning Programme Conference and Awards Ceremony which will take place Saturday 21st October in Tralee. More details will be provided in due course.

As of the 1st of February Therese Gallant will be our new Outreach worker in the following areas- Castleisland, Scartaglen, Knocknagoshel, Lyracompane, Brosna, Firies and surrounding areas. Therese worked with the Citizens Information Centre in Castleisland for the past three years and is well known in these areas.

Therese will liase with local Day Care Centres, Community Centres, Citizen Information Centres and the Health Service Executive in the delivery of thisservice. For an appointment, please contact our service. We are currently establishing a part-time location in Castleisland, details will be made available in the next few weeks.

Lastly, we would like to wish Tracey Daly all the best when she returns to live in Dublin in February. Tracey originally came to Tralee on placement when she was studying to become a sign language interpreter and ended up staying nearly two years. We would like to thank her for all the work she did locally for our members. She was an asset to our service and will be missed.

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