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Kerryman local news  

1 June 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 22)

Hello and welcome to our weekly notes. We'd like to start by saying well done to Michelle Ward for representing KDRC at the Kerry heat of the Rose of Tralee. Michelle did a great job. People in the audience were well impressed with Michelle. It was fantastic to see a Deaf person enter the Kerry heat again. Hopefully, one day we will see a Deaf person win a heat somewhere in the world and go forward to the Festival.

We'd like to thank all of you for your feedback on our equipment pages on our website. We have taken your comments on board and submitted them to our website designer. All the amendments are nearly done. The pages are very easy to navigate and are clearly laid out. Our thanks to Alma Bermingham for all her hard work. For all of you who don't know Alma, she is a Deaf graphic designer and a fantastic website designer.

If anyone is interested in ordering equipment- we have established an account with the RNID in the UK. From now on, all of our equipment will be ordered through the UK. If you can't see a specific piece of equipment on our site- the RNID have an extensive range of equipment and assistive technology. For more information, check out

KDRC continues to work with more agencies from the UK and internationally. We are years behind many countries like the UK when it comes to services for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. We trail behind many countries in relation to service provision, legal rights, entitlements, policy development and funding. We will continue to work with Irish services and will continue to lobby for change. However, it is far easier to work with non-Irish services in a wide range of areas. We're grateful that so many agencies outside of Ireland allow us to access their support and services.

The Organising Committee of the 15th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf would like to inform everybody interested in contributing a Congress paper that the call-for-papers deadline has started. People wishing to send their corresponding abstract may do it from this very moment until 6th October 2006. No abstracts will be accepted after that date.

In order to submit a paper, one of its authors must have registered for the Congress, and likewise, a registration form must be completed prior to its submission. For more information on the abstract submissions or on the World Conference in Spain in 2007, go to the Congress website

All the submitted abstracts must include the following data: purpose of the work, material, methods, results and conclusions, and they must not exceed 250 words. Then, organisers will assess all the submitted abstracts and people will be notified about their acceptance or refusal. For those whose abstract has been accepted a second deadline will be opened for submitting the whole presentation.

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8 June 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 23)

Hello and welcome to a very sunny Kerry. We hope you all had a very pleasant Bank Holiday weekend. As the weather has been so good, things are quiet locally, so we don't have much news for you this week.

Our equipment pages on our website are up and running again. All amendments have been completed. The pages look great- thank you all for your input. If you want to have a peek, go to

We have been asked by our members to give two safety messages to our Deaf and hard of hearing readers and members.
The first is the use of texting on mobiles while walking. The reigning Miss Deaf Texas was killed by a train recently. Police believe she was sending text messages at the time and did not notice the train coming. The use of text messaging in the Deaf community is huge and growing every day. While, it brings great access and benefit to Deaf people, we need to be aware of safety issues particularly if we are using it while we walk about the place.

The second issue is withdrawing money at ATM machines. There has been alot of stories recently of people's accounts being robbed as a result of people scamming ATM machines. Recently, a local Deaf lady had money taken from her account. It is believed that someone standing behind her could have seen her input her PIN number as she was withdrawing money. Deaf and hard of hearing people have very strong visual awareness. However, we need to make sure that we cover the number pad as we key in our PIN numbers. If you see anything suspicious, please contact the Gardai. We will provide any assistance that you require.

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15 June 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 24)

Hello and welcome to our weekly news. The weather has been lovely recently, nice to finally see the sun. Deaf Action Group (DAG) will organise bag packing in the Castleisland Super Value on 16th of June (5pm to 9pm) and the 17th June (10am to 6pm). If you're interested to take part, let us know by email:

DAG will have a committee meeting on the 17th of June at the River Island Hotel, Castleisland at 1pm - 2pm. DAG will also have a meeting for members in the same venue at 6pm after bag-packing.

Deaforward will have an open meeting in our Centre on Tuesday 20th of June. The session will look at General Elections, ESB SMS Service, Early Child Supplement, Deaf Issues. A video and photos will be shown too. Please come along to this informative session.

Our EEI Project has been very busy. Students are always busy when the sun shines.

Our external evaluation of the project has now been finalised and will shortly go to the printers. We are hoping we can provide this report in PDF format on the KDRC website.

The CACDP Level 1 Deaf Awareness training and assessment has taken place. Congratulations to those who have passed. The re-sit exam for Deaf Awareness will take place 2nd September 2006.

Last weekend, CACDP provided our 18 Deaf Students with additional training on the new Level 1 Unitised training. Future students who wish to undertake ISL Level 1 can now accomplish their Certificate by taking three units. Further information available on CACDP website: Our Tutors were also provided with the new unitised Level 1 Assessor Training. Our very sincere thanks to Val Pig and Jacqueline Swinbourne who flew in from the UK for the trojan work they did over the weekend.

Our best wishes to some of our students who recently re-sat their ISL Level 1 and Level 2 exams.

In the next few months, a working group will be put together to collate and document the Best Practice that has developed throughout the EEI Project. Once this report has been finalised, it will be made available on-line.

Very hearty congratulations to the 11 students who spent the past year doing FETAC Level 4 Communications Module. We are delighted and incredibly proud that all 11 students received distinctions. Well done :) and all must be pleased as a result of very hard work.

Lastly, for those travelling on our Youth Exchange, flights and accommodation has been booked. A timetable of events has also been printed. This information will be sent to the 12 lucky youth participants, the four Deaf leaders and the two sign language interpreters. A huge thanks to RAD for all their support.

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22 June 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 25)

Hello to all our members and readers. We'd like to start our notes by thanking all those who supported DAG's (Deaf Action Group) bag packing at the weekend.

We'd also like to thank and welcome Melinda Napier from City Lit College for Deaf People in the UK. Melinda will provide City and Guilds 7302 Introduction to Teaching starting in June and finishing up in September. It is great to have another Deaf professional provide accredited training to our Deaf EEI students.

We also would like to say Fáilte to Millie Brother, Founder of Coda (Children of Deaf Adults). Millie is on holidays with her son in Ireland and will be spending a few days in Kerry. Millie founded CODA in the USA in the mid eighties. CODA has grown significantly over the years and it is now recognised internationally.

A big thanks to the Bishop of Cork for providing interpreting access for the Corpus Christi procession in Cork at the weekend. A big thanks to Veronica (NCDP) for providing transport for some of members and for interpreting the event. Hopefully, we will see access at these events in Kerry in the future.

A big thanks to a number of our staff who fly to the UK this week to put the finishing touches to our Youth Exchange. It won't all hard work as they will be attending a Black Tie affair while they are there. This will be a fundraiser for the Phillip Morant School and the Youth Exchange. A big thanks to The Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) for all their hard work in organising meetings and events while our staff are with them in the UK.

A number of our members have been invited to see President Mc Aleese in Áras an Uachtaráin in July. Our group will be attending a Garden Party organised by the President.

Lastly, Catherine White will be undertaking two weeks voluntary work in Kosovo in July. Kosovo Sign Language Interpreters are also looking for help so that they can source a laptop and printer, do you know anyone who would be able to contribute? Please let us know by email:

A big thanks to an interpreter from Dublin who is contributing €200. Perhaps there are more interpreters out there who would like to contribute to the development of Kosovo Sign Language Interpreters Association. If anyone would like to contribute in any way, please contact by email:

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29 June 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 26)

Hello and welcome to our weekly news section. We'd like to start by thanking the Royal Association for Deaf People in the UK for hosting three of our representatives last week in Chelmsford. A special word of thanks to Tony Sheill and Andrew Jordan for arranging visits to some of the venues for our upcoming Youth Exchange in July. While our group were in the UK, they had the pleasure of attending a Black Tie event with the Phillip Morant School. This is a mainstream school has that has nine deaf children in a Deaf unit. The event was organised to raise Deaf awareness within the hearing community and at the same time to raise money for the RAD. The event included a picnic in a beautiful marquee, a spectacular fireworks display and entertainment by two signing choirs, a Deaf percussionist, and a Deaf flautist.

Our EEI project has a very busy three day training workshop in Tralee. A special word of thanks to Melinda Napier for all her hard work. Thanks also to all the students and the EEI Co-ordinator for their commitment to this training. Further training will be provided later in the year.

Thanks also to Bernadette Costello who gave a presentation on behalf of Deaforward. We'd like to thank her for an informative evening and for travelling from Dublin to present the workshop.

The Irish Deaf Youth Association is holding a Deaf Youth Camp from the 8th to 15th of August. The project will see 140 young Deaf people from Ireland and Europe congregate in Dublin for the camp. The event is being organised on a voluntary basis by the Board of the Irish Deaf Youth Association. They are appealing for sponsorship and donations. For more information, go to or email:

Lastly, we would like to inform our members that our office will be closed for the month of August for annual leave/ holidays.
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