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2 March 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 9)

We'd like to start by thanking Bob Peckford from the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People UK (CACDP) for meeting with our service last week.

Bob also attended an open meeting with educational services to determine how we could mainstream the six qualifications that our EEI students hope to obtain. If you would like more information on CACDP, their website is

We'd like to thank the Institute of Technology in Tralee for providing rooms for the meeting. A particular word of thanks to Valerie Moore (Access Officer ITT)

A special word of thanks to Darren Byrne who provided technical training to our members at the weekend. Darren is a whizz kid when it comes to allthings technical and our students benefited greatly from his expertise.

If you want to use our equipment to view videos/dvd's on sign language, please contact us for an appointment email at:

The fourth in the series of highly successful online events, Supporting Deaf People 2006 will take place from the 6th to 9th of November. These conferences offer an international platform for information exchange and debate on subjects such as.

  • Deafhood/deafnicity (being deaf, deaf culture, the deaf experience, deaf perspectives, deaf politics, deaf people from minority backgrounds)
  • living in three cultures simultaneously, deaf views of communication support, building a global deaf community
  • Future visions (new perspectives on deaf support, alternative views, a cross-educational approach to support within a lifelong learning agenda, practical issues to improve the future of deaf education)
  • Working with deaf people in specialist domains.
Please send your submission in the form of a proposed title, an abstract (approx. 200 words) and a short biography to Proposal submission deadline: April 15th, 2006. All notification is on 20th of April 2006. Presentations is on October 13th, 2006.

CODA International is coming to EUROPE! Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) is an organization, which addresses hearing children of deaf parents.

The organisation was established for the purpose of promoting family awareness and individual growth in hearing children of deaf parents.

Once a year an international conference brings together up to 300 grown up codas (18 and older) from over 10 countries for presentations and workshops to share their experience, honor their heritage, and to socialise. In July 2007 the 22nd conference will be the first time in Europe. Right after WFD the coda conference take place the last week of July in Spain. More information to come.

If you are 18 or older, hearing and your parents are deaf you can check out this website: or contact  Dave Eklof or Manuela Moeller
or Olga Svenrichter or Catherine White

Irish Sign Language (ISL) materials are available from North of Ireland.
  • Picture Dictionary €15
  • DVD €22
  • Student Manual €7
  • Tutor Manual €6
  • Posters €4
  • Teaching pack which includes tutor manual and powerpoint presentation €15.
Available from Hands that Talk, 72 Main St, Dungiven, BT 47 4 LD Email: Website:

Useful Information on Supports for Deaf and hard of hearing. Kerrydeaf Resource Centre (KDRC) has had a huge demand for information on Education, Employment, Legal Supports and use of Language in the media / deaf terminology.

We have put together information sheets on the most popular topics. As you will know by now, we are always happy to share information with other people.

Therefore, we have decided to send these to those on our WEEKLY UPDATE lists. These may or may not be of benefit to you. However, if you know of people that would benefit from this information, please pass them onto them.

If you have any comments, amendments, suggestions or feeback (both good and bad) on the attached sheets, please forward them to us by email at:
edia use of language.doc (28k)
Legal Supports.doc (30k)
Mc">Employment Supports for People with Disabilities.doc (32k).

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9 March 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 10)

Our thanks to Signing Family project in Northern Ireland, particularly Janet Young, for inviting members of Kerry Deaf Resource Centre to such a prestigious event during the week. If you were not there, you missed a piece of history. If you would like to see the Signing Family DVD which is aimed at hearing parents who have Deaf children and hearing children who have Deaf parents, it is definitely worth viewing. The DVD is done in both British and Irish Sign Language.

We are finalising details for our EEI students to undertake the City and Guilds 7302. As soon as the details are finalised, we will let you know. If you are doing your FETAC Level 4 Communications Module, make sure you are up to date with all the assignments you need to get done. If you have any questions, you can contact John McGrath.

Our farewell to Tim O'Sullivan from the Kerry Education Service and welcome back to Michelle Anne Houlihan our key contact with the Kerry Education Service for the Education Equality Initiative Project.

The updated Forest Bookshop Catalogue for 2006 is now available. It is the only Deaf and hard of hearing bookshop in Europe that has everything you wanted to know about Deafness in book form, video, CD-ROMs and DVD's. If you would like a copy of the catalogue, they are available here at KDRC or email at: Otherwise useful website:

KDRC is involved in an inter-agency with the Health Service Executive. The Cork Association for the Deaf, Cork Deaf Enterprises, Audiology Services and the National Association for Deaf People are also involved. KDRC is setting up a rota of Deaf people who will represent us at this vital inter-agency meeting. If you would like to represent the KDRC, let us know as we are keen that Deaf people continue to be involved in all aspects of services that directly affect them.

Lastly, due to personal issues, Fr. Placid Nolan will not be able to attend our monthly mass this Sunday. However, Veronica from the National Chaplaincy for Deaf People will be here and will make other arrangements on the day from 3-6pm.

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16 March 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 11)

A new information booklet has been published entitled "Kerry Families", Local Information Directory. It lists Voluntary Services, Advice and Support Services and Public Services. It was edited by Therese Gallant and compiled in collaboration with Kerry Citizens Information Centre, Comhairle and Sliabh Luachra Local Development. For a copy of the booklet contact the Citizen Information Service. More information is available online at

Thanks to the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Dan O'Riordan P.P. of St.John's Church for celebrating our monthly mass last Sunday.

The Department of Health and Children are involved in a strategic review of disability services. The policy of mainstreaming disability issues across all government departments and public services must be at the centre of the review. The Dept. intends that, where possible, consultation with relevant interest will take place in tandem in early 2006. We must ensure that the needs of the Deaf community are taken into account. For further information contact our service or email:

Comhairle is seeking "Expressions of Interests" from community and voluntary bodies who represent people with disabilities and from service providers for the provision of advocacy services to people with disabilities. For further information please email:

We would like to thank the Tralee Women's Resource Centre for allowing our service have an information stand at their recent International Women's Day celebrations. Thanks to our Deaf and hearing staff who represented our service on the day.

Lastly we would like to wish all our staff and members a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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24 March 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 12)

Hello to all our readers and our members. Hope you all had a pleasant St.Patrick's weekend. A group of our members attended the Inter-cultural celebrations in the Brandon Hotel on St. Patrick's Day. Thanks to KADE for organising a successful and enjoyable event.

As you may be aware, our service is arranging a Deaf Youth Exchange with the RAD in the UK in July. Applications for funding are being drafted up at the moment. We will be meeting with representatives of RAD in Limerick on the 29th of March. If you are interested in being a leader in this project and would like to come to the meeting, please contact us by email at:

Congratulations to Bernadette O' Connor, our new representative at the Deaf and hard of hearing inter-agency meetings with the HSE. Bernadette will also represent our service at the equipment sub-committee. We are thrilled at having a Deaf representative at these meetings. Best wishes to Bernadette with her work.

Emily Steinberg is involved in a project to document the experiences of Deaf mothers with maternity services in Ireland. Originally the focus of the project was Dublin based. However, Emily has sent us a questionnaire for people living outside of Dublin.

Emily is focusing on births within the past fifteen years, particularly more recent births. Hospitals cannot ignore data that is very new, whereas they can look at a story from fifteen or twenty years ago and say 'they've changed their policy'. Therefore, if you have had several children over a period of time and would like to just focus on the youngest of them that is fine. If you do this, please note down how many children you have, and that you are only answering questions about some of them. For a copy of the questionnaire, please contact us by email at:

Have you experiences of trying to access other services? For example: how do you access Health Services and Education/Employment services etc? There is legislation that ensures legal rights for Deaf and hard of hearing people. However, are services developing good models of access/ service delivery on the ground? Tell us your experiences both good and bad and we will inform services of your experiences. In 2006, it is not acceptable that Deaf and hard of hearing people are still being denied their rights.

A note for our EEI students: Deaf Awareness Training weekend will NOT take place on Saturday 22nd April and Sunday 23rd April. The training weekend will now take place on SATURDAY 6TH MAY and SUNDAY 7TH MAY.

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30 March 2006 (VOL 4 WEEK 13)

We'd like to send our best wishes to our 18 EEI students who were presented with Certificates of Attendance in a wide range of subject at the weekend.

From June to March, the students attended up to 8 training workshops and it was great to see them receiving their certificates. A special word of thanks to Michelle Ann Houlihan from Kerry Education Service and to our own Willie White for formally presenting the certs to the students.

Thanks also to Catherine White for organising all the training and to all the professional tutors, most of whom were Deaf themselves.

At the weekend, our students also had the chance to meet with John Bosco Conama as he gave a 2 day workshop. John has a wealth of experience and has worked to ensure equality for Deaf people for many years. His talk was very informative and interesting. A big thanks to him for all his hard work.

News from the other side of the world: As of 23 February 2006, The New Zealand Sign Language Bill has passed its second reading. As Hon Ruth Dyson proclaimed last week, by declaring New Zealand Sign Language to be an official language of our country, this House is acknowledging the Deaf community's presence, its rights, and its equal value in our society. No submission opposed the Bill.

It's fantastic to see another country give official designation to sign language. As many of you may know Northern Ireland has also given official recognition to both Irish and British Sign Language. Let's hope the Irish government takes the proactive stance that other countries are taking and recognise Irish Sign Language.

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