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24 April 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 17)

Birthday Celebrations
One of clients celebrated his 70th birthday over the weekend. We would like to send our best wishes to Tim O'Brien from Tralee. A party was organised in the Brandon Hotel and Deaf / hearing guests came from Tralee, Castlegregory, Killarney, Cork, Dublin and the UK. Our thanks to Rose Egan and Susan O'Callaghan for help with the event.

Marry Me TV Programme
RTÉ One has added a sprinkling of romance to Sunday nights TV with a new series called "Marry Me". Each week presenter Pamela Flood helps a romantic soul as they try and make their dream proposal a reality, all without the knowledge of their partner!

Last nights edition was called Signs of Love and it was filmed at the Dublin Fashion Week. Neil Norton, a hearing man learnt sign language and proposed to his Deaf girlfriend Fidelma Mc Donald from Offaly, she was a past pupil of St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls. We would like to send our best wishes to the couple and wish them well in their married life together.

Rose of Tralee - Kerry Heats
We would like to thank Catriona Delahunty who has agreed to represent our service in the Kerry Rose Selection. Catriona is hearing and has always wanted to participate in the Kerry heats. There will be a Social Evening on Saturday 26th of April in The Greyhound Stadium in Tralee. The selection night will be held on Saturday 17th May in the Earl of Desmond Hotel, Tralee. If you would like to attend, please send us your details and we will arrange interpreting access.

Sign Language Interpreters - A Hight Ergonomic Risk
Sign language interpreting is one of the highest-risk professions for ergonomic injury, according to a new study conducted by Rochester Institute of Technology. The research indicates that interpreting causes more physical stress to the extremities than high-risk tasks conducted in industrial settings, including assembly line work. It also found a direct link between an increase in the mental and cognitive stress of the interpreter and an increase in the risk of musculoskeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. For more information, go to

Cork Deaf Association (CDA) - Morning Job Club
CDA are re-launching their Job Club on the 2nd of May in conjunction with FÁS and First Employment Service. There is no need for appointment time, just drop in to the Centre from 10am - 12pm. A Job Coach will be there to assist people in updating their CV's, writing letters to employers or filling out application forms. For more information, email or 086 3805 108.

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17 April 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 16)

Smear Test Awareness
Our service is keen to ensure that Deaf women are aware of the importance of regular smear tests. We have had clients who have suffered greatly from cervical cancer and we want to do all that is possible to prevent other women going through this awful ordeal.

The smear test is a method of screening that detects pre-cancerous changes in a woman's cervix (the neck of the womb). That means the test will show up any abnormal changes that could lead to cancer of the cervix. A smear test can detect changes very early on, at a pre-cancerous stage. Cervical cancer can take 10-15 yrs to develop making it a very preventable disease. After breast cancer, cervical cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women: that's why we need to have regular smear tests.

It's recommended that women start having regular smear tests (about every 3 years although there's a lot of different opinions) from their early 20's upwards. However if you're younger than that and sexually active, you should ask your doctor if it's a good idea to start smear tests earlier. When you have your first smear test you'll need to return for a second test one year later. If you would like to get a test done, avail of the services of an interpreter / advocate - this will ensure that you have full facts and clear information.

IDWG Website
The Irish Deaf Women's Group have their own website- help spread the word especially to Deaf women. The website is

The IDWG was established to promote, advance and uphold the civil and human rights of Deaf women in Ireland, to seek empowerment and to achieve equal access in all situations of life endowed by full Irish citizenship, in accordance with Irish Deaf Society, European Union of the Deaf, United Nations Standard Rule for Equalisation of People with Disabilities and the World Federation of the Deaf and National Women's Council of Ireland.

Cork Deaf Drama Group - Spirit Of Sign
The Cork Deaf Drama Group will stage its production of "Down Through the years- A brief History of the Deaf World" from the 21st-24th of May. It will be held in the Granary Theatre, Mardyke in Cork at 8pm. Tickets cost €15 euro / €8 concessions. There will be a post show talk with the cast and crew on the 23rd of May. For bookings, you can text 087 644 3765 or tel 021 4904 275 or email

Kerry Gay and Lesbian Project
KGLP are keen to include Deaf gay and lesbians in their group. If you would like to join, let them know in advance and they will do their best to provide interpreters. For more information on the group, you can email or go to their website at www.gaykerry.utvinternet.comm.

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10 April 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 15)

Hello and Welcome to the Kerry Deaf Update!

ASLI'S 21st Birthday
Congratulations to the Association of Sign Language Interpreters (UK), which celebrated 21 years of the association last weekend. ASLI was established in 1987 and to mark its anniversary a two-day conference titled “Looking Back: Going Forward” was organised. Members of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre staff were in attendance at the presentations and workshops run over the two days. These covered a range of different subjects including the history of legal interpreting, educational interpreting, language and culture, technology, and assessment and evaluation of interpreting.

We would like to thank the organising committee and volunteers for all their hard work in making the weekend such a success. For more information about ASLI, please see their website:

Deaf Interpreters
There was a large Irish representation at the ASLI conference in London. In particular we would like to congratulate Senan Dunne on his fascinating and enlightening keynote presentation on Deaf interpreting.

Senan is one of only five accredited Deaf interpreters in Ireland and was part of the international interpreting team at the World Federation of the Deaf congress held in Madrid last year. His paper, ‘Where have Deaf interpreters come from and where are we going?', was jointly presented with fellow Deaf interpreters Robert Adam (UK) and Juan Carlos Druetta (Argentina) and discussed the history of Deaf interpreters as natural interpreters within the Deaf community and the development of the area in relation to the role of the Deaf interpreter, the code of ethics and the settings where Deaf interpreting is used, for example mental health and conferences.

Indeed conference participants benefited directly from the skills of our Deaf colleagues throughout the weekend. For his paper Senan presented in Irish Sign Language and Juan Carlos in International Sign Language interpreted by Robert Adam to British Sign Language. Furthermore all the keynote presentations were interpreted to British Sign Language by Deaf interpreters through the use of live electronic transcribing. The use of Deaf interpreters in Ireland is not widespread at present and this was a great opportunity for participants to learn more about this emerging profession.

Anti-Doping And Child Protection Policy Course
The Irish Sports Council is running a course on Anti-Doping and Child Protection Policy on Saturday, 19th April 2008 in the Best Western Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8. This course is open to all and may be of interest to Deaf people involved in sports. If you are interested in attending the course and want more information, please contact the Irish Deaf Sports Association at

IDYA New Website
The Irish Deaf Youth Association is launching a new website this week. Some people may be wondering why the IDYA blog has been down for the past few months, but their new website will be launched this Friday, 11th April in the Temple Bar Hotel. The night will start at 7pm and finish at 10pm. Food will be provided and there will be a chance to test out the new website. An afterparty to celebrate the launch will be held in Fitzsimons of Temple Bar. All are welcome! For more information you can email the IDYA at

Niall Mellon Township Trust Kerry Gala Banquet
The inaugural Niall Mellon Township Trust Kerry Gala Banquet will be held in Ballygarry House Hotel this Friday, 11th April. All proceeds from this black tie fundraiser will go directly to the Niall Mellon Township Trust (NMTT), which was established in 2002 to provide homes to impoverished communities in the townships of South Africa. Niall Mellon who founded the Trust will attend and speak at the banquet and broadcaster Micheal O'Muircheartaigh will be the compere for the night. An auction will also be held on the night.

The manager of the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre, Willie White, is one of the participants travelling to South Africa with the Niall Mellon Trust in November 2008. Volunteers will work building houses and community facilities such as schools and community centres. For more information, see

SLIS Information Night
The Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) is running an information night this Friday 11th April 2008, 8pm at Tallaght Deaf Club. Anne Coogan of SLIS will give the presentation and will provide information on how to book an interpreter and the services SLIS provide. Refreshments will provided. The seminar is free of charge and all are welcome to attend. If you need any more information please see the Tallaght Deaf Club website,, or you can contact the TDC at SMS / Voice: 087-2944338, email:

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3 April 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 14)

Steve Walker Workshops in Kerry
We are hoping to run workshops in Kerry towards the end of April/ early May for Deaf individuals. Steve Walker, a well known Deaf-Blind, ASL, and International Sign Interpreter from the States will facilitate the training. We will look at a number of issues: Deaf Advocacy, Deaf Interpreters, Deaf/Hearing Team Interpreting, Ethics and Decision Making & “Introduction to the Interpreting Process,” Dates and venue will be determined shortly. If you have an interest in any of these workshops, please let us know.

Loop systems in churches in Tralee
The following Churches in Tralee have installed loop systems for the hard of hearing- St. John's and The Dominicans. This is great news for our hard of hearing clients who attend these churches. Our thanks to both of the churches for taking the initiative to install this equipment- it has made a huge difference to their parishioners with a hearing loss. If hearing aid users could test out the equipment and give feedback to us, we will inform the Churches.

IDYA info night and website launch
The Irish Deaf Youth Association will hold an Information Night on the 11th of April in the Temple Bar Hotel in Dublin from 7-10pm. In addition, they will launch their website on the night. We would like to wish the IDYA all the best for the event and look forward to seeing their website online.

Legal aid customer charter
As you may be aware, we have been campaigning for a number of years to increase access for Deaf people particularly in relation to interpreting access. We are keen to see Government Depts and Public Service produce clear policies and procedures.

The Legal Aid Board in Ireland has taken the initiative to develop a Customer Charter and Service Plan for 2006-2008. It states, "The Board aims to treat all customers equally while at the same time respecting individual differences and needs. The Board has established an Equality and Disability Sub-Committee under the aegis of the Partnership Committee to contribute to the development of organisational strategies related to equality and disability issues. The organisation will continue to review its Equality and Diversity Strategy to ensure that it represents best practice"

"Customers have a right to complain if they consider that they have not received an appropriate level of service. The Board undertakes to handle all complaints fairly and objectively, in accordance with the facts of the case. The Board's complaints / appeal procedure is published in the Customer Charter and can also be found in Leaflet No. 10, "Customer Care and Complaints Procedure".

Dancing with the stars USA
In this season of Dancing with the Stars: Marlee Matlin the famous Deaf actress is a contestant. Marlee received worldwide critical acclaim for her film debut in Children of a Lesser God, for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress. At 21, she became the youngest recipient of the Best Actress Oscar and only one of four actresses to receive the honour for her film debut. In addition to the Oscar, Marlee received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama. She has since appeared on a number of hit television programs including The West Wing, The L-Word, Nip/Tuck, and Desperate Housewives. In Spring 2008, she will star opposite Jeff Daniels in the telefilm, Sweet Nothing In My Ear.

Forrest Books
Forrest Books specialise in books, DVD's, videos and CD-ROMs about deafness and Deaf issues. They are now a wholly owned subsidiary of UK Council on Deafness and will operate as the trading arm of the charity. They will continue to operate from their premises in the Forest of Dean. Both organisations will operate as separate entities using their existing names. If you would like to order books etc, check their website at

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