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28 August 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 35)

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21 August 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 34)

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14 August 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 33)

Golf Classic
On the 22nd of August, we will be holding our Golf Classic fundraiser. We would like to thank Enda Curtayne most sincerely for all his help in organising this event. We would also like to thank all the teams for registering to play. We would like to extend our thanks to JB O Shea for hosting the event and to Dooks Golf Club too. Lastly, our thanks to all the sponsors and for everyone for their help and support.

Interprechaun Blog / Online Resource
Cormac Leonard an ISL / English Interpreter has started a new website with information and resources for ISL interpreters and the Deaf community. It's called 'The Interprechaun'. It's a BLOG that will be updated with new information and resources. It's totally free and open to everybody. The website is independent and not linked with any other organisation. We would like to wish Cormac all the best with this new development. For more information, go to

IDS Signing Week
The Irish Deaf Society has arranged a number of exciting events to celebrate Signing Week from the 6th to the 13th of September. They include a Table Quiz, a CODA night, Fashion Show, Comedy Show, and Karaoke in Sign Language. For more information on any of these events, go to

Census 2011
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is looking for ideas and submissions for the 2011 Census. It is important that the views of the Deaf Community are recorded for the upcoming Census. There have never been any direct questions regarding the numbers of Deaf people in Ireland? How many communicate via sign language? How many are hard of hearing? If we do not compile exact numbers of Deaf and hard of hearing people in Ireland, how will the Government support or fund developments for this sector. The Deaf sector does not receive sufficient funding and our service is testament to this fact. Therefore, we need official figures to help us in our demands for services and funding. Submissions need to be sent in by September 11th to Mary Duffy, Assistant Principal, Central Statistics Office, Swords Business Campus, Balheary Road, Swords, Co. Dublin. Fax: 01 895 1399, email:

Further information is also available at
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14 August 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 33)

CODA Weekend Tralee
In early 2008 a group of Irish CODA's went to the UK to a camp for adult Children of Deaf Adults (CODA). This was an opportunity for CODA's in Ireland and the UK to come together for a weekend in Dukes Barn. Since this event, the Irish CODA's have kept in touch with eachother and arranged a re-union in Tralee last weekend. We would like to thank Mary Stringer, Lizzy Stringer, Amanda Dunne, Lisa Dunne and Karen Moroney for travelling to Tralee from Dublin. The weekend was really enjoyable and lots of fun. A further CODA reunion will be held later in the year.

KODA Camp Usa- Irish Volunteer
We would like to welcome home one of our younger CODA's Steven White. Steven was a volunteer/counsellor at the recent Camp Mark Seven KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) camp in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York for the past five weeks. In 1995 Lisa Flynn submitted a proposal to the Board of the Camp to set up a KODA camp. She worked with Krista Leitch Walker who was with KDRC for six months on a research scholarship. They shared a vision of a place where hearing children of Deaf parents could come together to learn about, and better understand the two worlds that they simultaneously live in, and where they could explore, identify, and strengthen their unique C/KODA identities and develop individually as leaders. All of this would occur, ideally, in a recreational environment that would foster a lot of interaction and activities for each youth. Lisa and Krista believed KODA campers had to be exposed to positive CODA role models. It was absolutely essential that the program be designed and led by CODAS with an adult CODA director to oversee the camp program, which would employ CODA counsellors to work with the campers. This vision was shared with Bert Pickell, a middle school teacher, CODA advocate and leader, who also shared the same vision and had wonderful ideas for achieving it. We are thrilled that Steven had the opportunity to get involved in this wonderful camp and would like to thank the organisers for allowing him to be involved. For more information on Camp Mark Seven, go to

Deaf Comedian Show
John Smith is a famous Deaf Comedian from UK. He will do a show for the Irish Deaf Society at the Mill Theatre in Dundrum on the 10th of September. Limited tickets can be purchased at the IDS office or by e-mail to John Fennell or Dominic Mc Greal at

Following on from his hugely successful first stand up appearance late in 2005, John has moved into bigger and bigger audiences, entertaining in Deaf clubs and theatres countrywide. Using his experiences of growing up Deaf in a hearing world John brings his observations to life, engaging his audience in hours of laughter and reflection. Covering topics such as current Deaf issues, Deaf politics and school life, John offers an amusing and fascinating insight into being Deaf and the world of Sign Language. You can get more information on John Smith on his website

ISL Pride Parade
The Irish Sign Language (ISL) Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 6th September at 2pm at the Garden of Remembrance. This will be followed by an ISL Karaoke night at the Woolshed Pub in Parnell Street (beside Cineworld Cinema) at 7pm. Admission is 10euro. A fun day and night is guaranteed.
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7 August 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 32)

SLIS Legal Training
The National Sign Language Interpreting Service will provide two days of legal interpreting training on the 18th and 19th of August. This training will be provided by Gloria Ogborn from the UK and is intended for Interpreters who are practitioners of legal interpreting and Interpreters who are intending to become legal Interpreters. The 19th of August is for Interpreters who are currently engaged in legal interpreting. SLIS will part fund the training and there will be a reduced fee for interpreters of €100 for the 18th and €200 for both days. If you are interested in attending, please contact SLIS at Mob: 087 9806996, Email:, Tel: 353 1 4139670/ Fax: 353 1 4139677

This Is Me- CODA Programme Online
We would like to extend our best wishes to Mary, Lizzy and Jennifer Stringer and their family on their recent appearance on the "THIS IS ME" documentary series on RTE television. It is very rare through out the world to have the experiences of hearing children of Deaf adults (CODA's) documented in a TV programme. CODA's have a unique bicultural/bilingual experience and it is great to have this recorded in Ireland. Our thanks to the team at Animo TV and to RTE for covering this topic. Episode three - "The Hearing Aide took us on a journey of discovery, to understand deafness in a world where everything is geared towards hearing. It has been said that deaf people need to be fixed - they have their own language they don’t need to be fixed. Everyday Mary Stringer brings the hearing and deaf worlds together. Despite the obstacles thrown in their way, the Stringers simply live their lives". The programme can be viewed online at

Irish Deaf Kids in Action - Photo Competition
Irish Deaf Kids is running a Photo Competition for a project later this year. The closing date will be October 31, 2008. The theme is Kids in Action and the categories are primary school student, secondary school student, third-level student, adult (open to all). Photos will NOT be posted on the Irish Deaf Kids website or forum. The photographer’s permission will be obtained before their picture is used anywhere. Photos should be between 5 megapixels & 10 megapixels and not previously have been published. Amateurs only. Email photos to: with your name, postal address, category and a description of where/when the picture was taken. Photos will be judged independently of Irish Deaf Kids with prizes in each category. Get snapping, and good luck!

Vacancies With Hands On TV
Researcher position - starting August 25th for minimum of 8 months. Applicants must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Applicants must be creative and be able to come up with new ideas for the programme ­ especially stories that have never been done before in 12 years of Hands On! They must be active in the Deaf community, meeting people, researching every aspect of a story and finding potential interviewees. They may be required to transcribe programmes from ISL to English, to assist presenters with translation of scripts and possibly to do some script writing. They must be able to research international news stories of interest to the Deaf Community and source footage or images to accompany them. On the job and professional media training will be provided.

Production Assistant/Runner - starting late August/early September for approximately 8 months. Applicants must be creative and flexible and willing to work in a mixed Deaf and hearing team and be active in the Deaf community. The role will involve some research for the latest stories for Hands On as well as promoting the programme, through meeting people and through the website and Bebo site.

The production assistant/runner will accompany the crew on shoots and make notes on everything that is filmed for use by the director. Cataloguing tapes and using a computer system to log footage will also be part of the position. The PA/runner may be required to source interviewees, locations or props for the production and may be required to do some transcribing from ISL to English. The production assistant/runner role may also include some minor camera work, training for which will be provided.

Salary will be discussed at interview stage. Fluent Sign Language and written English a requirement. Knowledge of the Irish Deaf Community is essential. It is preferred that applicants have a desire to pursue a long-term career in television production. Send your CV to: Closing date 11th of August 2008.
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