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18 December 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 51)

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Christmas Party
Our Christmas party and monthly mass for clients and staff was held in the Abbeygate Hotel in Tralee last Sunday. Our sincere thanks go to the staff of the hotel for their hard work on the day and to the approx. 80 members from all over Kerry and Cork who attended the party; an enjoyable day was had by all. Special thanks go to Santa who made an appearance for our younger members, after the four-course meal. We are also very grateful to the KDRC staff, in particular Niamh White, for making the event so successful, and lastly to all the businesses in Kerry that donated prizes for the spot prize raffle.

Supporter Of The Year Awards
At the party, we announced our annual Supporter of the Year Awards. These awards are given to both Deaf and hearing individuals and organisations who support our service throughout the year. Each award recipient will receive a framed certificate, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine.

Deaf Adult Literacy Services (DALS):
We are very grateful for the service and support given to our service from DALS, operated under the Irish Deaf Society. Our clients have benefited greatly from the literacy scheme. Thank you.

Dooks Golf Club:
We want to recognise the support received by our service from Dooks Golf Club. The Club has been hosting the Biannual KDRC Golf Classic since 1998. The monies raised from this have made a huge difference to our Deaf and hard of hearing clients.

Krista Leitch-Walker & Steve Walker:
We were honoured to have Fulbright scholar, Krista, choose Kerry as the base for her research on the experiences of Deaf parents with hearing children. Steve Walker, Krista's husband, is a Deaf interpreter who has worked in the areas of Deafblind and international interpreting since the early 1990s. Over their 6-month stay went very quickly from colleagues, to supporters and then friends. Their knowledge and experience benefited us all tremendously. Come back soon!

Mary & John Duggan:
For your positive contribution to KDRC over the past few years. We especially want to recognise your participation in Deaf Community events: to Mary for her involvement in Literacy tuition and the Sign Language mass, and to John for his very special role at the KDRC Christmas party!

Carmel O'Shea:
Our sincere thanks to Carmel for her support over the past few years. Her positive nature and friendliness is appreciated by everyone. In particular we are grateful for her hard work in making the Samhlaoicht Easter parade a success in 2007.

Ahsan Memon:
We are grateful for all the work you have done since you joined our service. Your efficiency and sense of humour is appreciated by all the staff and clients. Thank you.

Our sincere thanks to all the above recipients. We are very appreciative of all their support throughout the year. We look forward to working with you in 2009. On behalf of our clients and staff thank you very much for all your hard work; we couldn't do it without you.

Cork Deaf Community Christmas Mass
A mass will be held in St. Joseph's (SMA) Parish Church, Wilton, at 6pm on 20th December. Members of the Cork Deaf drama group, Spirit of Sign, will be performing carols at the mass in ISL. There will be a party in the local hall afterwards. For more information contact Spirit of Sign, c/o Cork Deaf Association.

Hands On: Interpreting
Hands On is making a programme about working with interpreters and would like to feedback on people's awareness and experience of working with interpreters. Hands On have asked you to think about the following questions:
  1. Have you worked with interpreters booked through SLIS/Bridge/KDRC/CSL? Which agencies do you deal with regularly and why? Do you find any differences between agencies or their interpreters? Do you find booking interpreters easy/difficult?
  2. Are you generally happy with the quality of ISL interpreters you have worked with? Please give some examples?
  3. Do you know the difference between an R1, R2 or TI Interpreter? If yes, which do you prefer to work with? Why?
  4. How do you know if the interpreters you are booking are fully trained/qualified?
  5. Have you ever been provided with an interpreter who you felt did not have enough training or was not qualified? What happened? How did you feel about this?
  6. Do you understand training or accreditation of interpreters?
  7. Do you think interpreters receive enough training?
  8. Would you expect interpreters working in legal or medical situations (court, hospital) to have more training? Do you have experience of working with interpreters in these situations?
  9. Are you aware of or do you understand an interpreters code of ethics? If not, would you like to know more information about this?
  10. Have you ever been asked to pay for the services of an interpreter?
  11. Have you ever complained about an interpreter? Why? (no need to mention their name)
  12. Would you feel confident about making a complaint about an interpreter? Who would you complain to? (Interpreter themselves/agency/other?)
All information received will be kept strictly confidential. Please email:
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11 December 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 50)

KDRC Christmas Party
The KDRC annual Christmas party will be held on 14th December in the Abbeygate Hotel, Tralee. Fr. Placid Nolan will say a mass at 1pm. This will be interpreted into ISL. The party will be on from 2pm-6pm. There will be a four-course meal along with a raffle and Santa Claus will be making a very special appearance. The cost is €20 per adult, and €10 per child. If you would like to attend, please contact the KDRC immediately as we have to confirm numbers for the hotel.

NLN - Continuous Professional Development
The National Learning Network (NLN) is running a series of Continuous Professional Development courses in a number of locations around the country from January to March 2009. There are 3-day and 1-day courses covering topics such as Mental Health Awareness, Learning Difficulties Awareness, Assistive Technology and Responding to Dyslexia. If you book and pay for a place before 19th December 2008, you can avail of a 10% discount. For more information or to book a place email: or telephone 01-200 0150.

Gloria's Breath of Heaven
Gloria, Dublin's Lesbian & Gay Choir, presents ‘Breath of Heaven' on Tuesday, 16th December & Thursday, 18th December 2008 at 8pm at St Ann's Church, Dawson Street, Dublin 8. Free tickets available at the door from 6pm. The performance will be interpreted into ISL by Deaf and hearing interprets. Gloria advise you to arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Santa Visit To FOTA
The Cork University Hospital invited a group of children from Kerry, Cork and Limerick to participate in a fun filled afternoon in Fota House on 4th December. It was very magical and the kids were full of excitement. The children travelled by Limousine, Royals Royce or Vintage Car to Fota House and received refreshments and a very special goody bag. They met Santa and his reindeers and they saw the elves making toys. We would like to thank Cork Deaf Association for inviting the KDRC to bring along

DCC - Intercultural Dayand Children's Christmas Party
City Hall Limerick is hosting an Intercultural Day in the City Hall on the 18th December. The Deaf Community Centre, Limerick, will have a stand with information about the DCC and the Deaf community. Everyone is welcome to come along. Contact DCC for further details.

The DCC is organising a Children's Christmas Party on Saturday 20th December from 2pm-5pm. Everyone is encouraged to bring their kids along! It will be a fun afternoon with a few surprises too! For more information, contact the DCC: mobile: 086 734 8641; email: or tel/fax: 061 469 854.

Update From Africa
KDRC manager, Willie White, is out in South Africa building houses with the Niall Mellon Trust. We got an email from him during the week:

Hi all.
Just wanted to give you a quick update on our trip to South Africa with the Niall Mellon Trust. Nothing in my life could have prepared me; to see the shacks that people have to live in and the poverty has been so overwhelming. There is over a million people living in shacks made of driftwood, corrugated iron, and other bits and pieces. They do not have bathrooms. The area is covered in sand and dust which is contaminated with bacteria and it swirls around into your eyes and mouth.

With all this negativity it should be a terrible experience, but it has been one of the greatest things I have ever done. In 7 days we will build 2-bedroom houses for over 1,250 people. To see where people are currently living and the house they are going to move into, a house "I" have helped to build, is so rewarding. It is an experience that I will never forget.

The people here have so little but they seem happy. There is alot of crime and alot of disease especially HIV and AIDS. There is huge unemployment but the people still smile. The kids run up to you and want to give you a "high five". Children have taken our empty water bottles and played with them for hours: their faces full of joy for something so small.

We have moved from House 1 where a couple and their 4 children will move into - one of the kids is in a wheelchair. I then went on to show a new group how to pre-prepare blocks for the builders and today our 3rd house is already up to eves/ceiling level. I know my hard work will allow people experience something we take for granted: a roof over our heads. The next best thing is that they will have the "luxury" of toilet facilities, a bath and a sink where they can wash their clothes and cutlery. No longer will they have to use a dirty communal outdoor sink that is shared amongst hundreds of other shacks.

I have cried often since I got here, and I have been sick too, but I have never ever experienced the lives these people have to live everyday. I am forever grateful for this experience. It has been a great life learning experience for me but it will change their lives forever. If you helped me in any way to come here- thank you, thank you. I have been blessed to build houses for these great people.
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4 December 2008 (VOL 6 WEEK 49)

CDS Funding Secured For 3 Years
The KDRC would like to congratulate the Centre for Deaf Studies on the good news they received during the week. The Higher Education Authority has informed the CDS that it will continue to provide ring-fenced support to the Centre for the coming three years. The CDS would like to thank everyone who gave their support during this worrying time. The CDS is the only provider in Ireland of Deaf related qualifications at third-level. More than 70 people, a third of whom are deaf, have graduated from the CDS. For more information about the CDS see

High Court Case On ISL in Education is Settled
A case before the High Court on behalf of a deaf brother and sister aimed at getting tuition through Irish Sign Language (ISL) has been settled. The case was brought to ensure that the children receive adequate education, therapies and support services in accordance with their constitutional rights. The children's mother said she had sought an increase in ISL tuition hours due to her concern that their lack of access to ISL was affecting their educational development and that children required appropriate bilingual education in line with best international practice. The mother also claimed that requests for increases in tuition were not responded to and that the children's education was affected due to their teachers not being adequately trained.

After the settlement the family's barrister said the terms provided that the Minister for Education now recognises ISL as a language in the education of the two children. The Minister has also agreed to support the continuing professional development of teachers at the children's schools in relation to ISL. This is the second time parents of Deaf children have brought a case against the Dept. of Education for tuition in ISL. In 2006 Lucy Moran started a legal challenge against the Department for the State to provide appropriate educational and support services for her daughter Anna who is Deaf. For more on this story see the Irish Times:

KODA Bowling Cork
Congratulations to the KODA group for organising a very enjoyable evening of bowling at the Planet Entertainment Centre, Blackpool. The event was held to raise money for Deaf parents going to a KODA conference in University of Gallaudet Washington in July 2009 to learn about various issues related to raising hearing kids in the deaf world. The conference website is Eleven teams competed to win the annual trophy. Prizes were presented to the winning teams and the team with the lowest points! Well done to the organisers and everyone who participated.

Children's Christmas Party
The Irish Deaf Women's Group is holding a Children's Christmas Party on 7th December at 3pm, at the Dublin Deaf Club, Drumcondra, Dublin. The cost of the party is €10 for members, and €12 for non members. For more information, contact IDWG by email: or text 0861719570.

Deaf Youth Advocate Position
A post has become available for a one-year contract, subject to review, for the position of Deaf Youth Advocate from the City of Dublin Youth Services Board funding. Duties include: Facilitating Workshops, Fundraising, General Office Administration and Organising Fun Events. ISL Training will be provided if required. Please send your CV to IDYA, 30 Blessington St., Dublin 7. Closing date is the 23rd January 2009. If you need more information or have any questions contact IDYA at

Niall Mellon Trust
We would like to send our best wishes and safe trip to the KDRC manager, Willie White, who is in South Africa at the moment with the Niall Mellon Trust. An emotional opening meeting was held for all volunteers, approx. 2,500 people, including a number of Deaf Irish volunteers. Bishop Desmond Tutu, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, and the founder of the Trust, Niall Mellon, were both at the ceremony, which Willie interpreted into ISL. To see photographs of this year's build and to find out more about the Niall Mellon Trust go to

SLIM: Sign Language Interpreters Munster
SLIM (Sign Language Interpreters Munster) held a workshop at the Cork Deaf Association on Saturday 29th November. The topic of the workshop was how to develop Deaf and hearing interpreters working together. Veronica White facilitated the workshop. The day was a great success with 12 people participating in the session. A big thanks to Veronica and Susan O'Callaghan, CDA, for all their hard work. A date has not yet been set for the next session. If you would like to find out more about SLIM, please email:

SLIS: ooVoo Service Stopped
The ooVoo service for contacting Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) has stopped for the present. SLIS hopes to renew this service at some point in the future.
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