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29 April 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 17)

House insulation service for people with disabilities
Energy Action is a registered charity that supplies a free insulation service for people with disabilities and the elderly. Many of us experienced a very cold and frosty winter this year. The time might be right for you to insulate your house.

Irish fuel poverty is among the highest in Northern Europe. The number of excess deaths that take place in Ireland each winter as against summer is greater than for countries with similar or colder climates, such as Canada, Denmark and Norway. When their homes are insulated, people are afforded greater warmth, more comfort, reduced health risks, and all at a reduced cost to them. Fuel bills are generally lower, thus releasing meagre income for other essentials.

Energy Action, with the support of Area Development Management (ADM) and Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) are involved in the promotion of Rural Energy Projects in Dublin and support rural based projects around the country.

For more information, go to the following website or email

Translation of pope's letter into sign language?
The National Chaplaincy for Deaf People has informed us that the letter sent by Pope Benedict XVi to Catholics in Ireland has been translated into sign language. If you would like a copy, email or or fax 01 8600 284

Limerick great run- support DCC
The Deaf Community Centre in Limerick would like to remind you that 10km Limerick Great Run will be held Sunday week (2nd May). The DCC are looking for your support and have sponsorship cards available.

It costs €25 to register. You can call into the DCC office for an application form this week or register online at

Official race numbers can be collected on Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st at the Great Limerick Run Expo in Thomond Park Stadium. For those taking part, meet at the Deaf Community Centre at 11am on the 2nd of May. The run/walk will start at 12.30pm sharp.

Ten minute feature on Dublin deaf scout on RTE
As part of the "Capital D" series on RTE One, they will screen a ten-minute feature documentary on the 191st Dublin Deaf Scout Group. It will be shown on Thursday, the 6th May 2010 at 7pm. Don't miss it and spread the news to your family and friends.

The Irish Deaf Society will hold its 28th Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 22nd May 2010 at 2pm. The venue for the AGM is the Killeshin Hotel, Dublin Road. Portlaoise. Co Laois.

Nominations are being accepted for the following vacancies: Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Treasurer, and 2 Committee members

Please send your nomination with two proposers and any motions by 30th April 2010 by letter to IDS, 30 Blessington Street, Dublin 7 or email:

EFSLI summer school
The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters Summer School will be held from July 5-10th in Siena (Italy). Registration is now open! The topic of this year’s event is "Working in International Settings". The school is being organised in cooperation with the Siena School of Liberal Arts.

The "early bird" deadline for registering is May 15th. Regular and late registrations are also available but extra fees will apply.

Registration is only available online. More information can be found here:

Dublin deaf association (DDA) social calendar
Many of our members travel to Dublin on a regular basis to attend Deaf related events. The DDA have published their upcoming events for 2010.

8 May, Day Trip to GLENDALOUGH, Co. Wicklow.
8 June, Auction 8pm DDA.
25-27 June, Aran Islands Weekend Away.
3 August, Horse Racing Night 7.30pm DDA.
28 August, Glasnevin Cemetery Tour (Interpreter provided).
7 September, Bingo 7.30pm DDA.
25 September, Kilmainham Gaol and IMMA Tour (Interpreter provided).
5 October, Fun N’Games Evening 7pm DDA.
30 October, Halloween Ghost Bus Tour (Interpreter Provided).
9 Nov, Auction 7.30pm DDA.
27 Nov, Collins Barracks Museum Trip.
December - Edinburgh Christmas Trip (Dates to be confirmed).

For more information contact Con Lynch or Marian McKenna at The Deaf Club, Dublin Deaf Association. ALL WELCOME!!
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22 April 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 16)

Flight Cancellations - What Are Your Rights?
It has been reported that millions of passengers have been affected by the recent flight cancellations in Europe. It is highly likely that Deaf and hard of hearing passengers have been affected too. Many of these people may not have been able to access information on their rights if the flights have been affected. There is a European Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 that outlines your rights if flights are cancelled. For more information, you can go to or you can email:

In a recent article, it featured an article entitled "What are your rights if your flight is cancelled"?

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled as a result of the volcanic ash cloud currently passing over Europe must be given a choice between rerouting to their final destination or a full refund under European regulations.

If consumers choose to re-route instead of applying for a refund, airlines have to offer an alternative flight to the final destination at the earliest opportunity or at a later date of the intending passenger’s choice subject to the availability of seats.

The airlines must also offer meals, refreshments and hotel accommodation where a stay of one or more nights is necessary. If an airline offers a flight to an alternative airport they must bear the cost of transferring you from that alternative airport to the one in your reservation or to another close-by destination agreed with you.

“In realty many airlines do not provide these things as a matter of course,” Caroline Curneen of the European Consumer Centre in Dublin told The Irish Times. She advised anyone who has been affected by this morning’s cancellations to keep all receipts for expenses incurred as a result and to submit a claim in writing, enclosing copies of all the receipts directly to the airline in question. If the airline does not respond within ten working days passengers should make a complaint to the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

She also said all passengers who have been negatively affected by the cancellations should be informed in writing of their rights. The regulator will then raise the matter directly with the airline, and if it is satisfied that an infringement has occurred, it will consider a prosecution.

If intending passengers choose a refund instead of rerouting, the airline can immediately discontinue the provision of care. However, if the journey no longer serves its intended purpose as a result of the cancellation of a connecting flight, you are also entitled to a free flight back to your original departure point, as well as the refund for the part of the journey already made. In such a case, the air carrier may not decline the passenger's right to care.

Irish Deaf.Com is an online resource on Deaf related issues. In its website, it has a range of sections which cover the following, Cinema, Courses/Training

Deaf community news, Deaf International, Employment, Events, IDC Update, Non-deaf News, Organisation's news, Sign Language, Sports, Support, & Theatre & Arts

In addition, sells a range of products including: Irish Sign Language Books, CD/DVDs & Posters, Merchandise, Books, Periodicals and Memberships. If you would like to browse through their website, go to

If you are looking for a Deaf organisation or a support service, it also has an on-line directory at

Forest Books is the UK's leading resource for books, DVD's, CD-ROMs, British sign language, sign language puppets & other learning material relating to Deafness and Deaf issues. If you would like to browse their shop catalogue, join & participate in forums, leave reviews and vote on popular topics, you can do so at

In addition Forest Books are now offering a range of products relating to Disabilities and Special Educational Needs.

SLIS Complaints Procedure
The Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) has developed a new complaints procedure. SLIS would be glad to receive any comments you may have on how they can improve their service to you. If you wish to make a formal complaint about the standard/quality of service supplied to you; please write in confidence to: The Manager, Sign Language Interpreting Service, Hainault House, The Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24 or email: Your complaint will be responded to within 7 working days. If you wish to make a formal complaint about the standard/quality of service provided by the agency; please write in confidence to: The Chair, Sign Language Interpreting Service, Hainault House, The Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Your complaint will be responded to within 7 working days.
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15 April 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 15)

Updating email database for newsletter
Our main computer crashed this week and has been sent for repairs. Thankfully, we backed-up most of our files. However, we are not sure if our e-mail address database is up-to-date. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter or if our details for you are incorrect, please let us know and we will make any necessary changes. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

DRCC training for interpreters
Evelyn Nolan from CSL Studies in Galway has informed us that the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre will have training for interpreters in June. The training will be held in the DRCC in Dublin.

The training will be part funded by the European Refugee Fund. In 2009, the DRCC developed a 2 day training programme 'Working Sensitively with Refugees and Asylum Seekers who had experienced Sexual Violence and other Trauma' for staff working in a variety of roles to support asylum seekers and refugees. They have now received funding from the ERF to provide a similar 3-day training course specifically for interpreters, which will see them bring together the content of that training with the content of a 2-day training event, which took place in Galway.

For more information, contact Leonie O'Dowd, Head of Education and Training, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 70 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. Email: or go to the DRCC website at

Spirit of Sign BBQ
Spirit of Sign - the Deaf Drama group based in Cork will hold a mid-summer BBQ on the 26th of June. It will be held in the White Horse Inn in Ballincollig. It will be on from 8pm till late. Hot food along with a DJ and a sign language karaoke will be provided. Cost €15 and this is non-refundable. Payment can be made by bank draft, cheque or postal order. Send to Catherine Landers or Mary Daly, c/o Cork Deaf Assoc, 5 Mac Curtain St. Cork. For more information, you can contact Catherine by text at 087 611 2287 or by email to or Mary Daly (text) 087 627 1646 or at

SIGNALL II documentary "Experiencing Deafhood"
Experiencing Deafhood, directed by Haaris Sheikh - as part of the SIGNALL II project, explores the concept of Deafhood, a term coined by Dr Paddy Ladd at the University of Bristol. This documentary showcases footage in Irish Sign Language and British Sign Language with English voiceovers. It trace the educational, cultural identity and employment journeys of people from the Deaf community

"Experiencing Deafhood" is 55 minute in duration and looks at aspects of being Deaf, with contributions from Deaf people from the UK and Ireland. Irish contributors include Con Lynch, Elaine Grehan, Julianne Gillen and Elaine Grehan. If you would like to view the video - check it out at:

Launch of
Rachel Pollard, researcher and author of the book, "The Avenue: A History of the Claremont Institution", wishes to announce the launch of the website: It briefly outlines the history of the Claremont Institution, Dublin, founded in 1816 by a young Cork-born doctor, Charles Orpen, who realised that there was no such school in Ireland for deaf children whereas there were six schools in the United Kingdom. The book refers not only to the history of deaf education but also to the social history of Dublin. In addition, the book contains pen-pictures composed by pupils describing daily life during the 19th century. It also refers to some of the former pupils who went down the 'avenue' from the school for the last time into the unknown world, some of whom had to emigrate to America, Australia, Canada and Britain. Moreover, the book tells the story of yet another forgotten Dublin institution - The Dublin Working Boys' Home and Harding Technical School (usually known as 'The Harding'), of which some former Claremont pupils were resident.

Academics of all levels in the discipline of Deaf Studies - encompassing Irish Sign Language, pedagogy, sociology and history - have found the book as a valuable resource. Mentioned are reports of court cases involving Deaf people, one of them as a juror, and another of a former pupil assaulting two priests in a Dublin church. Contained in the book is a chapter on the 'forgotten' social group - Deaf women, which profiled a former pupil who emigrated to Australia and became the first deaf female teacher in Melbourne, Australia. While visiting the website, take a look at the "Gallery" page with portraits and photographs of former pupils and teachers of Claremont. On the "Overseas" page, was a story of a former pupil from Cavan who, having joined the army in the First World War, was mistaken as a German spy - twice - and sadly met his end when the ship, on which he travelled from Dun Laoghaire to England, was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1918.

The book contains a chapter covering Deaf artists and entrepreneurs, one of whom became the first deaf pilot in Ireland in the 1930s. Records of over 2,500 pupils from 1816 onwards have been taken note of, and as some of the pupils had emigrated from Ireland to various locations all over the world, this would prove a boon to genealogists. For further information and for queries regarding the book "The Avenue", contact:

NDCS UK Campaign
To all our UK readers, the National Deaf Children's Society have announced a new campaign with the run up to the UK elections. With your support, the NDCS are hoping to create a powerful voice for change and demand a fair deal for every deaf child by engaging with politicians and other decision-makers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NDCS want to see deaf children get the education, health and family support services they deserve. In the coming months, you will have the power to help decide who forms the next Government. Help the NDCS to make deaf children matter in the upcoming UK general election. For more information on their campaign, go to

To our Irish readers, could a similar campaign be effective here when our own elections are being held??

Tragedy in Poland
Over the weekend, we heard of the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of many Poland's leaders & supporters including the President and his wife. We would like to extend our sympathies to the Polish people and to the hearing and Deaf Polish population in Ireland.
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8 April 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 14)

RNID launches iPhone application
The Royal National Institute has launched a new innovative iPhone application that allows people to check their hearing anywhere in the world for the Deaf.

The application is the latest version of RNID’s popular Hearing Check that has seen over half a million people check their hearing so far. The Hearing Check app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will allow users to check their hearing at the touch of a button for free. It is hoped that this scientifically verified check will encourage the 40 million iPhone users worldwide to check their hearing.

RNID’s Chief Executive, Jackie Ballard, said: “This is a fantastic new way to encourage people to value their hearing and check it regularly. The Hearing Check application offers quick results and confidential advice from anywhere with a decent phone signal!”

RNID’s Hearing Check application measures a person’s ability to hear someone speaking when there is background noise, similar to being in a crowded room. The app is free to download and is a convenient way for people to check their hearing is within the normal range.

The application is available from iTunes website at, and in the App store on your iPhone. It is also available on

Deafweekly - International deaf news by email
Deafweekly is an independent news report for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community that is mailed to subscribers on Wednesdays and available to read at The reports are the actual headlines and portions of recent deaf-related news articles, with links to the full story. Minor editing is done when necessary.

You can SIGN UP for a free subscription at the following weblink Be sure to open the confirmation email and click on the link to activate your subscription. It is required by law and prevents others from signing you up without your permission.

Deaf reality tv show on youtube
Marlee Matlin had an idea for a reality show that she hoped would bring some insight into the lives and struggles of Deaf people and how they cope. But while reality TV has brought us wife swappers, party girls, aging rock stars and dieting divas, apparently no one was ready for something that real.

So instead, the actress who won an Academy Award as lead actress for her role in "Children of a Lesser God," took her show "My Deaf Family" to Google's YouTube.

"Deaf and hard of hearing people make up one of the largest minority groups," she said in an interview "and yet there has never been a show, a reality documentary series that features what life is like for them." Matlin financed the show, which tells the story of a family in Fremont, Calif. All the family members are Deaf, except for the oldest son, Jared, and the youngest, Elijah. It is narrated by Jared.

Matlin shopped her pilot to network executives, who purported to "love it." But none would take the plunge. "They didn't quite know if they could pull it off, or even how," Matlin said. Refusing to give up, Matlin turned to the Internet, more specifically to YouTube, the world's default broadcaster of Web video.

"I didn't want to wait for the networks to warm up to the idea of whether the show would be a hit or not with audiences," she said. "So I decided to put it out there on my own terns. YouTube is akin to having my own [TV] network." There's another reason Matlin chose YouTube. The Google subsidiary in November introduced an automatic captioning system for its videos. The system is a mash-up of Google's speech-to-text voice recognition technology used in Google Voice and captioning software that syncs the text with the video. To view the show, go to the following website

Now I can sign programme (NICSP) yearly membership
Simply Signing now offers you the opportunity to join their national “Now I Can Sign Programme”.
  • Membership benefits include:
  • Simply Signing product and training discounts at 25%.
  • NICSP “Start Signing” package.
  • Website listing of your facility/school/ individuals with Simply Signing.
  • Opportunities to participate in special promotions throughout the year.
  • Access to NICSP pintables and whiteboard activities.
It's easy to become part of this programme which focuses on the development of communication and literacy with young children also supporting early intervention for children with hearing impairment, Autism and Special Needs using the third language of Ireland - Irish Sign Language. NICSP directly follows the Aistear: Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and the theme on Communicating.

Signing in an Education/Home setting covers
Signing in an education setting helps to reduce noise levels in the class room. Signing supports children’s development. Signing can help support children who are second language learners. Supports school children’s literacy and maths concepts. Signing can help children become competent communicators. Builds positive self esteem. Signing adds fun to daily activities, circle time and music activities. Signing helps support deaf and hard of hearing children as part of early intervention. Offering inclusion and supporting diversity. Supporting family literacy.

The programme was designed and developed for childcare facilities, schools, teachers, ISL teachers, child minders and parents who recognise the significant benefits gained by incorporating Irish Sign Language (ISL) into their regular curriculum and activities supporting children’s literacy and social inclusion. NICSP membership gives you the resources, tools and support to facilitate a quality ISL signing programme utilizing the resources and services brought to you by Simply Signing.

You can register online at or you can email
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1 April 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 13)

Usher syndrome lecture at DCC
Deaf Community Centre has organised a presentation "What is Usher Syndrome?" The presentation will be given by Maria McInenery on Thursday, 8 April 2010 at DCC, 96A O’Connell Street, Limerick City, at 8pm. All are welcome. Tea and coffee will be provided. For more information, contact 086 7348641.

Funderland in Cork
Cork Deaf Association on behalf of Funderland cordially invite Deaf/Hard of Hearing/KODA families to attend their Special Session of 15th Annual Funderland event at the Old Ford Vehicle Handling Centre, Centre Park Road, Cork on Thursday, 8th April 2010 between 11am – 1pm. In order to make staff arrangements for the day and to ensure everyone has a memorable and enjoyable experience, Funderland needs to know the number of people who intend to go. So please contact Susan O'Callaghan, Community Resource/Advocate Officer as soon as possible. You can email or text Susan at or text only: 086 8535574.

Congratulations KDRC
Congratulations to KDRC which won second prize as part of Conradh na Gaeilge's awards for best decorated businesses in Tralee during Seachtain na Gaeilge. The prizes will be awarded tonight, 29 March, in the Abbey Inn, Tralee, at 7pm. An ISL interpreter will be available and all are welcome to attend.

Access to The Late Late Show competition
RTÉ has made the accommodations for viewers who are unable to use the telephone, and who wish to enter their television competition, as printed on the RTÉ website:

If you have a communication difficulty arising as a result of a disability and would like to enter the regular call/text viewer competition on The Late Late Show, the following options are available:
  • OPTION 1 - For those who do NOT wish to make their disability known to the viewing audience
  • You can enter the competition by text and nominate an individual to take the phone call from The Late Late Show on your behalf. This information must be clearly presented with your entry as follows:
  • LATE CD CALL NOMINATE < name of the individual who will take the call on your behalf and their relevant contact phone number >
  • For example: LATE ans: tipperary from sharon smith CD CALL NOMINATE paul smith 08X 000 0000
Please note by nominating an individual to take the call on your behalf the usual rules will apply and that individual must be available to take the phone call from The Late Late Show on your behalf, otherwise they forfeit your opportunity to win.

You must seek the permission of the nominated individual before entering the competition and ensure that s/he agrees to take the call on your behalf. The nominated person will not be required to confirm your answer to the competition question, they will simply be required to accept the prize on your behalf during the live on-air phone call.

By taking the call, the nominated person is in no way entitled to the prize or a share of the prize. The prize will be awarded to the entrant as specified on the text entry and not the call nominee.
  • OPTION 2 - For those who have no issue revealing their disability to the viewing audience
  • If you would prefer NOT to nominate an individual to take the phone call from The Late Late Show on your behalf please specify with your text entry that you are unable to take the call due to a communication difficulty. This information should be clearly presented with your entry as follows:
  • For example: LATE ans: tipperary from sharon smith DO NOT CALL CD
  • Should you select this option and should you be drawn as the competition winner (having provided the correct answer), the presenter will announce that you are the winner of tonight's competition. S/he will not make the phone call as usual at the end of the show. However, in the spirit of fairness and transparency, the presenter may explain to the viewing audience that the usual phone call element has been discounted on this occasion since the winner is unable to take the call due to a communication difficulty arising as a result of a disability.
Please note: Both options are only open to those with a communication difficulty arising as a result of a disability (including members of the deaf community or those with a speech impediment).

RTÉ reserve the right to request proof of disability, which for this purpose may require certified medical doctor's letter. In cases where disability is not proven, RTÉ reserve the right to award the prize to the next eligible participant.

All other competition terms and conditions will apply as normal.

RTÉ reserves the right to review and change these options at any time, subject to operational, editorial or audience considerations.

For more information, and terms & conditions go to

ISL gallery tour postponed
The ISL tour of the National Gallery, scheduled for Thursday, 1 April, has been postponed due to the early closing of the Gallery. If you need to contact the Nation Gallery, you can fax them on 01 6610099 or email The National Gallery apologises for any inconvenience caused.
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