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28 January 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 4)

Centre For Deaf Studies- Closing Date For Applications.
Are you or anyone you know interested in applying for a place in a course at the Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS)? If so, applications should be made via CAO by all applicants. The CAO course code is TR016 Deaf Studies.

Please download 'VITAL information about Bachelor degree in Deaf Studies in CDS, 2010' in Word Doc Download (size 40KB)

Mature Applicants
Mature applicants are those who have EU status and will be 23 years of age by 1st January 2010. The closing date for mature applicants is 1st February 2010. Applicants must submit a form to the CAO by 1st February. In addition they must also submit a supplementary application form to the Admissions Office in Trinity College by 1st February. Copies of the supplementary form are available from the Admissions Office or may be downloaded from the TCD website at

At the time of application TR016 Deaf Studies must be listed on their CAO application. It will not be possible to add Deaf Studies to their CAO course choices at a later date, as 1 February is their final closing date. Late applications from mature applicants will not be considered under any circumstances. Once the closing date has passed applications will be sent up to the Centre for Deaf Studies for consideration. Formal offers to mature applicants are made via the CAO in early July.

All Other Applicants
All other applicants will be assessed solely on the basis of their school leaving examination results and must satisfy the criteria as published in the TCD prospectus and website. Their results will be assessed by the Admissions Office and offers issued via the CAO in mid August 2010. The deadline to apply for a place is 1st February 2010 if students are doing Leaving Certificate or are Mature students (over 23 years in year of entry) they should contact the Trinity College Dublin admissions Office directly. The course code is TR016.

International Women's Day Event - Jewellery Making Course
The Tralee Women's Resource Centre (TWRC) hope to celebrate by hosting and co hosting a number of events for International Women's Day. TWRC propose to run "An Introduction to Jewellery Making" course for Deaf women in their Centre in Tralee on the 11th of March at 2.30 until 4.30. The course will be limited to 6 participants. If there is strong interest, another group will be held in the morning from 10 to 12noon.

TWRC would welcome some funding from participants to cover some materials. If you are interested, please let us know before Thursday the 25th of February. The courses fill fast so the sooner we get the names the better.

Valentine Race Night - Cork
The Cork Deaf Association are organising a Valentine Race Night in the Shelbourne Bar in Mac Curtain St on Friday, the 12th of February at 8.30pm. If you would like more information or to sponsor an advert in their Race Night Booklet, contact Susan O Callaghan, Advocate/ Resource Officer at

Parenting Our Children Seminar - Tralee
La Leche League will hold a "Parenting our Children- Art and Science 2010" seminar on the 13th of February. A sign language interpreter has been booked for this event. The seminar will be held in the Solas Building, L106, Inst. of Technology, Tralee. Registration will open at 9.30am. Mary Fitzgibbon of the ITT and LLL Tralee will open the seminar. This will be followed by a talk from Professor Helen Ball "Parent-infant sleeping and feeding behaviour- what we do and why? Professor Ball runs the Parent-infant Sleep Lab at Queen's Campus, Stockton and has been studying infant feeding and infant sleep since 1995.

If you would like to book a place, it cost €15 for individuals / €20 for families / €10 for students. For more information or to book a place, text 086 124 9913 or email:

Subtitled Videos On Internet- "22 Frames"
For Internet users who are Deaf or hard of hearing, finding accessible videos is difficult. Subtitled videos are generally scattered and/or mixed with all other videos across the Internet. Up until now, there was no central place to easily and reliably search for videos across multiple video hosts. A new site is now available

By continually indexing videos from these multiple hosts, this site offers an increasingly comprehensive subtitled catalog covering many different topics from music, to news and politics. Some of the videos may take a while to load up so it might be necessary to pause the video for a while. In addition, some of the clips will be for American based users. However, there is a large catalogue of clips to choose from including clips like Elvis Presley "Blue Suede Shoes" or more serious issues like "Providing Care in Haiti Hospitals".
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21 January 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 3)

SLIS Emergency Cover
The National Sign Language Interpreting Service is pleased to announce that its Emergency / 24 Hour Service has been extended. You may now contact the Emergency line 087 672 5179 outside of normal office hours for medical and legal emergencies only.

Interpreter Workshop
Noel O’Connell will present a workshop on Interpreting- “Alternative Perspectives and Experiences: Dominant knowledge v Subaltern knowledge”

The workshop is planned for Saturday 6th February 2010 10am to 4pm and is limited to 12 participants. The workshop will be conducted as group discussions where it is hoped that participants will learn from each other. Participation in the discussion is a requirement.

The workshop will address the following kind of questions: Would a critical theoretical approach benefit interpreters towards an understanding of alternative perspectives and experiences? Would a focus on the lived experiences of other minority or subordinate groups benefit interpreters? How might a critical theoretical approach to oppression help explain our understanding of human experiences?

For more information on the workshop, go to If you are interested in attending, email to Noel:

KODA Conference Call For Papers
KODA National Family Conference is inviting interested parties to submit presentation proposals for its conference which will be held in New York State from June 24th-27th 2010. This might be relevant to the Irish delegation attending the conference.

The topics for submissions include: Language, Culture & Identity; Family Communication & Dynamics; Education & Home-School Partnership; Community Relationships; Child, Youth & Adolescent Development; and Public Policy, Access & Advocacy. Presentations should “empower, educate, and enrich the knowledge and skills of Deaf parents with Hearing children and the professionals who work with these families.” The deadline for submissions is February 1st 2010.

For more information, click 'Workshops' at

Hands On DEAF FACTOR was shown on RTE 1 on Sunday, January 17th. Deaf Factor was a national Deaf talent competition. Auditions were held all over Ireland looking for the most talented Deaf person in the country. People of all ages showed up, hoping to make it to the final where they could win €500 worth of Prize Bonds from the Prize Bond Co. Acts included hip-hop dance routines, ISL songs, tin-whistle players, signing monkeys and much more!

In the finish only six people could go to the final and the judges, including a special guest judge, had a very difficult time picking the winner! Congratulations to Devon Hamilton from Cork who won the competition!

If you missed the programme, you can see it on the RTE Player on

Deaf Carnival in Hamburg, Germany
KDRC received an email this week from Marco Lipski, a German Deaf actor and television journalist to inform us of a new Deaf Carnival festival that is being organised in Hamburg, Germany. The festival will be on Saturday 27th, February 2010, starting at 7.30pm.

The festival will commemorate the famous German drag queen and comedian Gunter Puttrich-Reignard, who died last year. Gunter campaigned was a gay campaigner working in the areas of German Sign Language and also AIDS. Any money raised from the festival will be used to set up a foundation to run a summer academy for Deaf artists in Europe and for HIV/AIDS advice service, which it is hoped will eventually provide information to people throughout Europe. For information about the event check out the website: (which has information in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish).

Please download 'Deaf Carnival Hamburg 2010' in pdf Download (size 5.7MB)
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14 January 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 2)

New Deaf Theatre Website
A new website has been launched in the US showcasing Deaf theatre. At present the primary focus of the website is on American Deaf Theatre, but it includes some international Deaf theatre, including Ireland, and will upload more international information as it is collected. The website lists 35 Deaf playwrights and their works. It is hoped that more will be added over time. The address of the website is

International Congress On Education Of The Deaf: Moving Forward From The 1880 Milan Resolution
In July 2010 Canada will host the 21st International Congress on Education of the Deaf (ICED) in Vancouver. The congress meets every five years to share research and ideas regarding the education of Deaf people. The theme of this conference is "Partners in Education" and the Conference will offer presentations in the following 7 areas: Early Intervention, Language and Literacy, Educational Environments, Sign Language and Deaf Culture, Technology in Education, Educating Learners with Diverse Needs and Unique Challenges in Developing Countries.

Members of the British Colombia (Canada) Deaf community approached the ICED to discuss the possibility of publicly recognising the negative outcomes of the Milan congress in 1880. The ICED's response was positive and they were willing to meet. A committee was formed for that purpose. It was agreed that the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) also needed to be informed as the issue is an international one, rather than just a local or national issue.

With this meeting it is hoped that a new reference point in the history of Deaf people around the world will be set, to replace the 1880 Milan congress. The committee hopes to obtain a public agreement to reject the 1880 Milan resolutions, acknowledgement of the detrimental effects on Deaf people globally from the Milan resolution, support for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, support of the WFD 2007 resolution, and an active support by educators and researchers for the equal participation of Deaf people in all aspects of policies and governmental decisions in countries around the world.

Deaf people in Ireland can also support the committee at their meeting with the ICED by writing a letter or email to the ICED 2010 planning committee. The more letters from individuals or organizations that are sent the more strength is given to the 2010 ICED planning committee to move ahead with this action. Letters from individuals or associations are encouraged, including local and national Deaf associations, teachers/education associations, university or college researchers and national, regional and local governments.

In your letter or email you can mention the following points: a) Rejection of the 1880 Milan resolution; b) Acknowledgement of the detrimental effects of the 1880 Milan Resolution; c) Request support for the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability; d) Request support for the WFD 2007 resolution; and e) The participation of Deaf citizens in education and governmental policies in each country.

Send your letters to: Dr. Claire Anderson, Conference Chair 21st International Congress on Education of the Deaf Suite 101 – 1444 Alberni Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 2Z7, Canada Email:

Please also send a copy of the letter to: Wayne Sinclair or Monte Hardy #106-2844-273rd Street, Aldergrove, British Columbia V4W 3S6, Canada Email: or

For more information about this see WFD website: and the video blog "Why do we demand a letter of apology from the ICED" (International Sign version) -
Part 1:;
Part 2:

WASLI on Facebook
The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) has set up a new facebook page. On the page WASLI will post regular updates, information about upcoming events in the interpreting world, and links to the WASLI newsletter. At present the page is available in English only but it is hoped that in the future information will be available in other languages too. For more information look up the facebook group: World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, or see WASLI's website:

EFSLI Spring School
The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI) is hosting a Spring School from April 9th-11th in cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Sign Language Interpreters (CKTZJ). The theme of the school is "Deaf Interpreters in a Team". Training will take place in Prague through International Sign and official documents will be in English. No interpreting services will be provided. Training will cover Deaf interpreters as part of the team process; How interpretation by a deaf interpreter works; Roles and how to provide support to each other; Best practices to work with Deaf Interpreters. There is a maximum of 25 participants. For more information, please contact Marinella Salami from the efsli Training Department:
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7 January 2010 (VOL 8 WEEK 1)

Happy New Year
On behalf of our service, we would like to wish all our members and readers, a very happy New Year. Hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas.

Re-Opened After Christmas Break
Our service re-opened after our Christmas break on the 4th of January. Although we had staff on-call, we are pleased to say we had no call-outs or major incidents over the Christmas and New Year period. We are delighted with this given the extreme weather conditions we've had since mid December. However, if you know of any Deaf person in Kerry that requires support during this cold spell, please let us know.

Literacy and Art Classes
We hope to run further literacy and art classes over the coming months. Our thanks to the Deaf Adult Literacy Service (DALS) for their support in 2009 and to our literacy tutors also. In addition, we would like to thank Kerry Education Service for supporting our arts and crafts class. As soon as classes are up and running, we will inform our members by text message or email

Monthly Mass
Our next monthly mass will be held this Sunday, the 10th of January. As usual, it will be held in St. John's Pastoral Centre in Tralee. Veronica White (NDCP) will interpret the mass, which will be celebrated by Fr. Placid Nolan. It will be held at 3pm. Tea and coffee will be served afterwards. If you require accessible transport for this event, please let us know. Please note if the weather makes driving difficult on the day, we may have to cancel. If so, we will notify people by text message.

KDRC on Facebook
Our facebook site is going from strength to strength. We have nearly 300 users at this stage. Facebook allows us to publish our newsletter and upload photos of various events. We have 34 photo albums uploaded with photos from various events such as our Christmas party and art classes etc. We have also uploaded sign language alphabets from 39 countries throughout the world. If you would like to add us as your friend, go to

Sign Tube is a website that allows people to upload video that is of interest to the Deaf community. Membership is free to join and there is no limit to the number of videos that be uploaded daily. Video content is monitored and checked for suitability. The website was launched in March 2008 and in its first 12 months it received over 10 million hits worldwide, showing the keen interest and need for this website within the Deaf community. traffic has increased by 10% month on month since it's launch - and it's still growing! If you would like to join, go to
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