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31 January 2011 (VOL 9 WEEK 5)

CIDP project to identify deaf people with disabilities
The Catholic Institute for Deaf People will hold a meeting regarding the proposed initiation of a Project to identify the needs of Deaf people with disabilities who are over 20 years, the types of services and supports which would be of benefit and the possible numbers involved.

CIDP recently set up a pilot Project in this area and will share the information on how this is progressing. CIDP commissioned a survey conducted by Janet O’Shaughnessy in this area, which will be shared at the meeting. have been supporting Deaf people with disabilities in the community for many years and will share their experience and ideas for the future. The Irish Deaf Society will also be in attendance and share their current initiatives and ideas with the meeting. Interpreters will be present at the meeting.

If you would like to represent our service at the meeting, please let us know. Further information is available by email to and by mobile at 087 6753475.

National Gallery of Ireland Sign Language Tour
The next tour of the National Gallery will be held on the 3rd of February at 6.30pm. If you are interested in joining this tour with a sign language guide, meet at the Millennium Wing Information Desk. For more information on this tour, email:

Declaration on sign languages in the EU
In the European Parliament, a conference was held on sign language legislation. At the end of the day the 'Brussels Declaration on Sign Languages in the European Union' was signed by all present. According to the Declaration, national sign languages have to be considered as the native languages of sign language users.

The Declaration calls on the European Union and the Member States to ensure the same rights and possibilities for sign language users as all European citizens. This includes the right to public life, education, employment and the right to free movement. "Declaration on Sign Languages in the European Union" was signed by all present 160 representatives of the deaf and hard of hearing organisations. This remarkable event, called "Implementation of Sign Language Legislation" was co-hosted by MEP Ádám Kósa (EPP Group), President of the Disability Intergroup and the European Union of the Deaf.

The Brussels Declaration was adopted by MEP Ádám Kósa with representatives of the National Associations of the Deaf of the EU Member States and it's associate members - Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland; the European Union of the Deaf; the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters; the World Federation of the Deaf and the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters.

"The treaties and principles of the European Union and the regulations laid down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights make us - deaf and hard of hearing sign language users - equal citizens of the European Union, with the right to free movement." stresses the text. This landmark document declares that the national sign languages of the Member States are the native languages of sign language users and it has long been secured by research that sign languages are fully-fledged languages. They serve all practical and theoretical purposes of a natural language, including age appropriate language acquisition of infants and children. The document also underlines the importance of minimum standards for services and requirements around in Europe for ensuring the real free movement of the deaf and hard of hearing with availability of sign language interpreters with special regard to new, cheaper IT tools.

For more information, go to

European Commission Report on Equality Bodies
Deputy Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD has called on the Government to respond to the Synthesis Report on equality bodies recently published by the European Commission, which was highly critical of the seven and eight year delays for some cases at the Equality Tribunal, attributed to inadequate resources. And was also critical of the decentralisation of the Equality Authority, which the report held impedes accessibility.

While recognising that funding reductions are likely in the context of the economic downturn, the report concluded that the 43% cut in the Equality Authority’s funding in 2008 was one of just seven examples where the cuts imposed were disproportionate, amount to regression and diminish the effectiveness of the body.

The report recommends that the Government "establish a clear and transparent process for calculating and attributing an adequate resource base to equality bodies and ensure that it cannot be reduced without clear rationale and broad and public debate".

It is vital that Ireland fully funds an Equality Body to ensure the rights of people as enshrined by law are protected. Contact your local TD / Government Minister and ensure this issue is on the agenda with upcoming national elections.
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24 January 2011 (VOL 9 WEEK 4)

Deaf cruises
Passages Deaf Travel is a specialist travel agency established to organise cruises for the Deaf community, sign language interpreters and CODA's (Children of Deaf Adults). They have announced their 2011 cruise itineraries, which will take in places such as Alaska, Europe, Hawaii and many more exciting destinations. They will also sail into Ireland for a day in September. Many Deaf people from Ireland have already cruised with this company. If you would like to see their upcoming trips and ports of call, go to

Road Safety Authority questionnaire
The Irish Deaf Society is looking for 100 people for a questionnaire on Road Safety. This questionnaire is in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and Prometric, the organisation responsible for making the Driving Theory Test DVD-Rom and books.

It is hoped that those living outside Dublin would complete 50% of the surveys. The survey takes less than 2 minutes to complete and the results once analysed be made public. If you want a copy of the survey, contact Susan Whelan, Deaf Adult Literacy Service, 30 Blessington Street, Dublin 7 or by emailing:

You can also text 085 284 1884 or fax: 01 8601960

European forum of Sign Language Intepreters Conference 2011
The EFSLI conference will be held from the 16th to 18th of September in Italy. The event will be held in the Lloyd Baia Hotel in Vietri sul Mare (Salerno), a small, typical sea village on the Amalfi Coast. EFSLI are now looking for presenters at this event. The closing date for submissions is the 30th of January.

You can download the call for papers from the EFSLI website (left hand side) at

Director Vacancy with RNID Northern Ireland
The Royal National Institute for the Deaf in Belfast has a vacancy for the position of Director.

The successful candidate will lead their activities in Northern Ireland, giving strategic direction and leading the local senior management team. The role will be varied, from presenting to Ministers and decision-makers, overseeing fundraising activity to help build new local services and delivering awareness-raising events and campaigns. The ideal candidate will have:
  • A strong record of working in a senior leadership position and delivering results.
  • A deep understanding of Northern Ireland, its people and its social and health infrastructures.
  • A passion for improving the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people in Northern Ireland and a belief in partnership working.
The role requires strong internal communication and team-building skills, working within a complex UK structure with the support of the Northern Ireland Advisory Group. You apply online and quoting reference HQ1735 at or email

Aware online support
Aware is a support service for people with depression and their families. Having completed a pilot phase of an online support group service, AWARE are now launching the service fully as part of DAWN (Depression Awareness Week).

The online support groups work in the same way as support groups throughout the country. They give attendees a safe space where they can express their specific concerns, learn coping skills from others and explore the options available to them. Each session opens at a specified time, is facilitated by a trained Aware facilitator and is attended by up to 10 users of the service. A session will last approximately 90 minutes.

This could be a vital service for Deaf people particularly those who live in areas where there is no interpreting support. The service is confidential. To register your details, go online and enter your details.

You can also email for support at Trained volunteers operate this service during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) and you can expect a response from Aware the next working day.
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17 January 2011 (VOL 9 WEEK 3)

Co-ordinator vacancy at The Centre for Deaf Education
The Catholic Institute for Deaf People (CIDP) is seeking to recruit a Coordinator for a new Centre for Deaf Education. The position is offered on the basis of a two-year contract for 25-30 hours per week (negotiable). The Centre will be managed by the Education Partnership group comprising (CIDP,, the Irish Deaf Society, the Centre for Deaf Studies Trinity College) and is located in Cabra Dublin 7.

The role of the Coordinator will be to build and expand the current Centre to become the place from which parents of Deaf children are supported and advised and can access the key professionals, medical and educational working with Deaf children. The candidate chosen will have a primary degree together with at least 5 years experience in education or audiology. The ideal candidate will have managerial experience and be a self-starter. It is desirable that the candidate would have knowledge of the education of Deaf children and some capacity in sign language or be willing to learn.

Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and cover letter by 28th of January 2011 to: Mr. Liam O’Dwyer CEO, The Catholic Institute for Deaf People. 40 Lower Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9. Job description available from Liam O’Dwyer by contacting 087 6753475 or by email For more information on CIDP and the Centre for Deaf Education see

Month's mind mass for Michael Fell
Many of you will know that Michael Fell, a well-known person in the Kerry Deaf Community passed away in December. Due to the icy and snowy conditions, many people were unable to attend his mass and funeral. The family have organised a Month's Mind Mass on the 3rd of February. It will be held in the Church of St Gertrude, Firies, Co Kerry at 10am. Veronica White (NCDP) will interpret the Mass.

Conference: The Care of Deaf People in times of sickness
Dublin Diocesan World Day of the Sick Committee 2011 will hold a conference on Sunday 5th February 2011 from 9.00am to 4.00pm. The event will be held in Purcell House Conference Centre, All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. For more information contact Trisha Conway 087 6220349 or Fr Gerard Tyrrell 087 2860704.

Tralee women's resource centre new website
TWRC has asked us to inform everyone of their new website at For any women that are Deaf or hard of hearing, TWRC can be contacted by text at 087 173 9945.

As were looking through their website- we came across a video clip of Carmel Grehan giving a lecture to the Irish Deaf Women's Group on the 16th of April. The link is available at

In her piece, Carmel Grehan talks about her research into the development of Irish sign language in schools. She makes reference to gendered sign variation and the loss of signs that women used. She also talks about the policy of segregation among deaf children and the decision not to educate them through sign language, which was a retrograde step and resulted in poorer school results.

Spam emails and hacked online accounts
Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is a type of online identity theft. It uses email and fraudulent websites that are designed to steal your personal data or information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data, or other information.

Con artists send millions of fraudulent email messages with links to fraudulent websites that appear to come from websites you trust, Facebook, your Bank or credit card company, and request that you provide personal information. Criminals can use this information for many different types of fraud, to steal money from your account, to open new accounts in your name, or to obtain official documents using your identity.

If you would like more information to protect yourself, go to It gives a range of information on the following: What is Phishing? Frequently asked questions about Phishing? How to recognise Phishing email messages or links? Common signs of a Phishing scam? How to protect yourself from Phishing scams?
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10 January 2011 (VOL 9 WEEK 2)

Re-Opened after Christmas break
We would like to wish all our staff, clients and supporters a very Happy New Year. We re-opened for business after our Christmas break on the 5th of January and look forward to working with you all in 2011.

Cold weather conditions in Kerry over Christmas
With the extreme road conditions, we had to cancel our Christmas party, our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

With temperature levels also going well below zero, alot of people in Kerry had severe water issues and burst water pipes. If this happened to you, make sure to report this to your local Council. We can also contact the Council on your behalf. Although, the bad weather has passed for now, Kerry County Council uploads useful information on their website in relation to bad weather conditions, water restrictions, advice to householders with burst pipes, and where roads were gritted in Kerry at,3302,en.html.

You can also register to receive updates by email at

Remote interpreting pilot project
To fully access public services, most Deaf people require an ISL interpreter to facilitate communication. At present, the interpreter must be present at the same location as the Deaf person to undertake an interpreting role.

The Irish Deaf Society, Deafhear and the Sign Language Interpreting Service have established a steering committee to oversee the development of a remote interpreting pilot project.

Using internet video software the interpreter can be ‘virtually’ present at any service location that has a broadband internet connection available. The only additional hardware to provide remote ISL interpreting is a webcam. This allows the remote interpreter to ‘interpret’ the conversation between the service provider and the Deaf service user.

The Steering Committee will identify a sample range of public services to participate in the project, with a particular focus on the Government Departments and public services that are currently paying for interpreting provision. The pilot will include a number of:
  • Citizens Information Centres.
  • Mainstream Schools (with children of Deaf Parents).
  • Local Authority Offices.
  • Health Centres.
  • Revenue Commissioners.
  • Passport Offices.
Service providers must register with the project prior to making a booking. Initially, service providers will be asked to submit a completed Expression of Interest form to the Steering committee. The registration process will involved a remote interpreting site test to ensure that the necessary equipment is available and that the staff are familiar with the process.

Further information is available at

Swine flu information in Sign Language
With swine flu in the spotlight again, the Irish Deaf Society has produced an information piece signed by Eddie Redmond. The information is in conjunction with the HSE and can be viewed at
The video gives information on the following:
  • Who can get the vaccination?
  • Who is at risk?
  • How the vaccine works?
  • How safe is the vaccine?
  • How long does it take for the vaccine to work?
  • What are the side effects of taking the vaccination?
  • What if I don't feel well after the vaccine?
  • Do I have to pay for the vaccine?
If you are unable to see the video/ or if the video is 'jumpy' the IDS would advise you to let youtube "load" before watching it. Look at the red bar under the clip move from left to right, and then you should be able to play the clip. If you have further questions about Influenza A H1N1/Swine Flu contact or go to

Monthly mass in sign language
Our next monthly mass will be held on the 16th of January from 3pm to 5pm in St. John's Pastoral Centre. Veronica White (NCDP) will interpret the Mass with Fr. Placid Nolan. As usual tea and coffee will be served afterwards. If you require accessible transport to the Mass, please let us know in advance.
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3 January 2011 (VOL 9 WEEK 1)

Happy christmas and happy new year
Our office is closed for Christmas on the 22nd of December, 2010 and will re-open on the 5th of January, 2011.
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