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26 October 2015 (VOL 10 WEEK 44)

Closed for Bank Holiday.
Our service will close today. We will re-open on Tuesday the 27th of October at 10am.

If you require a sign language interpreter for emergency purposes during August, you can contact the SLIS Emergency Helpline on 087 672 5179

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19 October 2015 (VOL 10 WEEK 43)

New computers in our drop in computer room.
In a recent newsletter we mentioned that we received a grant of €2,000 from the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle. The grant was used for two purposes: to cover interpreting costs at the event and towards the costs of purchasing new computers for our Centre.

New computers in our drop in computer room
New computers in our drop in computer room.

We are delighted to announce that six new computers are now installed in our drop in computer room that is upstairs in our Centre in Tralee. They are all connected to the Internet a number of them are connected to Skype and other video-messaging applications. Photocopying & printing facilities are also available.

If you would like to use the equipment, they are open to adults who are Deaf sign language users, hard of hearing, cochlear implant users & adult CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults). They are also available to children who are deaf, hard of hearing, cochlear implant users or KODAs (Kids of Deaf Adults) with adult supervision.

Interpreting access at meningitis meeting in Limerick.
An Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreter will be available at a talk on Meningitis in Limerick on the 21st of October.

The event is being organised by "ACT for Meningitis" which is a charity based in Galway. ACT supports families that have been affected by Meningitis and offer free services, counselling and child therapy. The Meningitis Awareness Information presentation will start at 8pm in the Monaleen GAA club, Old Schoolhouse Road, Monaleen, Limerick.

Carri O'Donnell will be the interpreter on the night. Carri & her husband Rory have been strong advocates of meningitis awareness since their own child was diagnosed with it in the past. Thankfully, their child fully recovered from it and Carri & Rory are now keen to increase awareness amongst the hearing and Deaf communities.

Remember, meningitis can affect anyone of any age so knowing the symptoms could help save a life!

Sign language interpreters Munster social gathering.
Sign Language Interpreters Munster (SLIM) are organising a social gathering on the 14th of November in Ballyhoura in Co. Cork. This will also be an overnight get-together for SLIM interpreters who are able to stay the night.

If you are interested in attending, please contact either Willie White or Veronica White via the Centre here on 087 6334687 or the landline 066 7120399.

Dr. Jennifer Hensley & Dr. Patrick Graham visiting Tralee.
Dr Jennifer Hensley, Vice-President of CODA International, and her Deaf colleague Dr. Patrick Graham, Assistant Professor at Western Oregon University will be our guests in Tralee this weekend of 24th - 26 of October. If you are interested in meeting up with them please contact Willie White.

CODA International social media work group.
Our Manager Willie White has been selected to sit on the CODA International (Children of Deaf Adults) Social Media workgroup. This workgroup is looking at enhancing CODA's presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The workgroup is encouraging CODA's, their families & members of the Deaf community to use #hashtags when they are posting CODA related items on social media. By clicking on #hashtags with CODA related terms, it will also link you into other CODA related topics & CODA International more easily.

Here is an example of #hashtags that are trending on social media recently: #CODA #ChildrenOfDeafAdults #MotherFatherDeaf #HearingMotherFatherDeaf #CODAInternational #CODAAustin #CODAustin #Codaukireland #Codaland #Codaland2015 #Deafparents #CODAIreland #HearingChildrenOfDeafParents #Codaconference #CODALove #CODAustin2016

The Irish Pilgrimage Trust Trip to Lourdes.
The Irish Pilgrimage Trust brings children and young people with special needs to Lourdes every year.

They would like to know if any families with a child who is deaf, hard of hearing or a cochlear implant user are interested in sending their child to Lourdes next year. If yes, please contact Willie White via our service. For more information on the Trust, you can email: or go to their website at:

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12 October 2015 (VOL 10 WEEK 42)

Kerry Deaf Women's Group (KDWG) lunch.
The KDWG will be holding a lunch & social get-together on the 28th of October in Killarney. It will be held in the Plaza Hotel Bar & Grill at Kenmare Place in Killarney Town. If you are interested in attending, please confirm your place by the 21st of October. You can contact Bernadette O'Connor via the KDWG's facebook page at:

RTE documentary on St. Joseph's School for Deaf Boys.
RTE aired a programme on St. Joseph's School for Deaf Boys last week. The programme was narrated by Amanda Coogan who is an adult CODA (Children of Deaf Adults). She presented an intimate portrait of the Irish Deaf community, told through the experiences of Deaf past pupils at St Joseph's School for Deaf Boys in Cabra.

The programme looked at some of the positive aspects of being in a Deaf school where sign language and Deaf culture flourished for many years. It also gave a sad insight into a time when sign language was banned & replaced by oralism, which had a negative impact on Deaf people's access to education. It also looked at the shocking & harrowing accounts of physical and sexual assault by Christian Brothers.

The programme is suggested for a mature audience and is available for viewing online by going to the RTE Player

The school has since been partly demolished to make way for the new Deaf Village Ireland (DVI). For information on DVI, go to

Disability & Equality Legislation.
If you are interested in learning more about "Your Rights", the following is an example of Irish & international disability & equality legislation. "The Disability Act 2005" places a statutory obligation on public service providers to support access to services and facilities for people with disabilities.

"The Equal Status Acts 2000-2012" outlaws discrimination outside the workplace, in particular in the provision of goods and services; in selling, renting or leasing property; and in certain aspects of education.

"The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2011" outlaws discrimination at work including: recruitment and promotion; equal pay; working conditions; training or experience; dismissal; and harassment, including sexual harassment.

"The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" is an international human rights treaty of the United Nations intended to protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities.

Parties to the Convention are required to promote, protect, and ensure the full enjoyment of human rights by persons with disabilities and ensure that they enjoy full equality under the law.

The Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission (IHREC).
In November 2014, The Equality Authority was merged with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to form the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC). Information in Irish Sign Language (ISL) is now available which is interpreted by Cormac Leonard. To view the information, go to

You can contact the IHREC if you feel that:

  • Your human rights have not been respected.
  • You are experiencing discrimination in your workplace.
  • You are experiencing discrimination in obtaining goods and services.
  • You are seeking information on your rights more generally.
  • You can e-mail your query to
For more information & support, go to

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5 October 2015 (VOL 10 WEEK 41)

Thank you to ring of Kerry charity cycle.
We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle for a grant of €2,000 to our service. The grant will go towards the purchase of computers for our computer room in the Centre. The grant will also cover the costs of sign language interpreting access at the event.

The cheque was presented a Gala Banquet on Friday night in the Gleneagle Hotel. Our thanks to Willie White, Geraldine Broderick, Patrick Doody & Mike Callanan for representing our Centre at the event. Sincere thanks also to Veronica White for all her interpreting work on the night.

NCDP Deaf mass in October.
John Patrick Doherty of the National Chaplaincy for Deaf People would like to inform you that the next NCDP Mass in sign language will be held on the 11th October at 3pm. As usual it will be held in St. John's Pastoral Centre in Tralee.

If you have any queries regarding the mass, you can contact John Patrick directly. Tea & coffee is provided after the mass. All are welcome to attend!

Community Employment vacancy with our service.
We will have a Community Employment (CE) vacancy in our Centre at the end of October. Interviews will be held in the coming weeks. Applicants must be eligible to participate on a CE scheme. Contact your local Intreo Employment Office to find out if you are eligible. If you are in receipt of a Social Welfare payment, it would be worthwhile to check how a CE scheme would affect your current payment.

The ideal candidate will be expected to work closely with Deaf and hard of hearing clients. It would be a distinct advantage to have sign language skills and knowledge of Deaf issues. In addition, it would be beneficial if candidates have relevant office/computer skills and. If you are interested, please send your CV to our service.

EFSLI school in Dublin for Sign Language interpreters.
The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreting will host a school "Interpreting Sensitively and Effectively with Victims of Sexual Violence". It will be held in Dublin from the 27th - 29th of November. The deadline for registration is the 25th of October.

The training programme is designed to prepare Deaf and hearing interpreters to work with victims of sexual violence including in their interaction with the legal process. The training will include group discussion, lecture, case studies, videos, and experiential exercises. More information is available at

Justisigns interpreters working in legal settings.
Justisigns would like to invite sign language interpreters who have experience in the legal system (police settings, courts) to participate in one-to-one interviews where they would confidentially share their experience of the challenges/opportunities/constraints that operate at present.

Interviews will be recorded but the interview itself will be discarded once an anonymised transcript is prepared and confirmed by the individual participant (i.e. they will remove any identifying features to protect confidentiality of any parties referred to).

The Centre for Deaf Studies under the auspices of the Justisigns project is working to benchmark the experiences of those working in legal settings in Ireland. This will allow for a clearer overview of the challenges faced, and will facilitate them in comparing the situation in Ireland to that in other EU countries.

The goal is to ensure that we have a clear picture of the situation and identity, based on the reports of those in practice, areas that need to be addressed. Justisigns will bring the findings to the attention of key influencers in the field of Justice in Ireland and at European level. They will also ensure that learning emerging from the data is published internationally and used in the training of interpreters across Europe.

If you would like to participate in a one-to-one interview, please email:

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