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28 March 2016 (VOL 12 WEEK 13)

Bank Holiday.
Our office will close on Monday the 29th of March for Bank Holidays. We will open again on the 29th of March at 10am.
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21 March 2016 (VOL 12 WEEK 12)

Video clips in sign language with the theme #WhyISign have become very popular and were trending across Facebook, Twitter and the Internet recently.Members of the Deaf community, CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults) and hearing people have been posting video clips of themselves saying why they like to use sign language.

As far as we know #WhyISign started to become popular initially in the USA. Over the past few days, we are now seeing people in Europe and in Ireland doing the same thing and uploading clips of themselves saying why they use sign language too.

In Ireland, as we use Irish Sign Language (ISL) it would be great to see #WhyISignISL becoming popular and trending online. We would love to see your clips of why you love to use ISL too. Start recording and send us your clips ASAP. We will post any clips received on our Facebook page at

Thanks to Vegas circus.
We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Vegas Circus who were in Tralee this weekend. The Circus was keen to accommodate members of the Deaf community and to CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) family members.

Victoria Duffy, who is related to members of the Circus, linked in with our own Catherine White, who in turn linked in with the local Deaf/CODA community here. Our sincere thanks to Victoria, Catherine and to Circus Vegas.

The circus performance lasted for 2 hours and the 27 Deaf/CODAs who attended really enjoyed the event and would like us to thank the Circus, Victoria and Catherine on thei behalf.

Thank you to local business for supporting collections.
We would like to thank the following businesses for agreeing to display our countertop collection boxes in their premises over the past year.
  • Brogue Inn, Tralee
  • Garvey Supervalu, Tralee
  • Grand Hotel, Tralee
  • Walsh Bros, Tralee
  • Centra, Castleisland
  • Crag Cave, Castleisland
  • Den Joes, Castleisland
  • Fountain Bar, Castleisland
  • Kennelly's Chemist, Castleisland
  • Lynch's Chemist, Castleisland
  • Shoemakers Bar, Castleisland
  • Topaz, Castleisland
The monies collected in these boxes go directly to overhead costs in the Centre. We will be approaching more businesses this year to see if they are willing to accept collection boxes on our behalf. If you know of any business that would be interested in taking one, please let us know.

Our sincere thanks to the businesses in Tralee and Castleisland and to Therese Gallant in our office for liasing with the business owners.

Volunteers For Listowel Church Collection.
Our service is looking for volunteers to support us with a Church collection on the 16th of April in Listowel.

If you are available, please contact Noreen Cronin or Therese Gallant in our office. They will provide you with the times that volunteers are required for each mass.

The income generated from these collections contributes to overhead costs of running our Centre in Tralee, and towards the costs of our outreach service for elderly clients with a hearing loss who also have mobility and travel difficulties.

Closing for Easter Break.
We would like to advise everyone that the Centre will close at 5 pm on Holy Thursday 24th of March and will re-open on Tuesday 29th of March at 10am.

On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who celebrates Easter, a very Happy Easter.
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14 March 2016 (VOL 12 WEEK 11)

VIS Service- Video Interpreting/Information Service.
We are delighted to see that demand for our VIS service continues to grow each month. As you may know, VIS is now divided into two different services.

1) VIS - Video Information Service. If you have a query in sign language on Deaf related issues or rights and entitlements etc, you can contact our Manager via webcam/video technology. To date the most popular way to accessthis service is via Skype and Glide Video Messaging. Our user names for both is kerrydeaf

2) VIS - Video Interpreting Service. If you require the services of a sign language interpreter for video calls to and from Government Depts and Public Bodies, Veronica White and Catherine White are available on a freelance basis.

Catherine and Veronica can also be booked via other sign language interpreting services. In addition to Skype, they can interpret on other video messaging apps such as Facetime, Oovoo and Google Hangouts.

VIS appointments with Government Depts and Public Bodies must be made in advance, to get interpreting payment approved in advance. To date, the most popular way to access interpreters via our VIS is Skype. Our user name is kerrydeaf.

Update On Battery Life In Fire Alarm Systems.
A few years ago our service supplied flashing light/vibrating pad fire alarm systems funded via the Fire Brigade Service in Co. Kerry.

If you received one of these alarms, it may be time to replace the batteries in the units. The life of the batteries once activated is approx 5 years old. If your alarm is now showing a 'fault' red light signal, batteries may need to be replaced. If you are unable to check the battery yourself, you can bring the units to our Centre and we will be happy to check for you.

Apart from the batteries, it's important also to note that the smoke alarm sensor, which is, placed on the ceiling have a 10-year life span. The year to replace them is clearly marked underneath. We believe most transmitters are ok until 2021/2023?

Equipment Grant Scheme - MSAA/RAGS.
As many of you know, the HSE funds a grant scheme for equipment for Deaf and hard of hearing clients via our service and Deafhear Killarney. For reasons outside of our KDRC's control, there is a minor delay in funding for 2016 applications.

To prevent a build up of applications, we are going to defer any new applications until the 2016 funding is in place. Applications will re-start ASAP thereafter.

CDS Students Placement - Thank You.
Last week our Centre hosted two students from the Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) as part of their 4th year placement module. Ciara Grant and Romy O'Callaghan are in their final year of sign language interpreter training and spent a week in our Centre under the supervision of our Manager, Willie White.

Our thanks to Willie who acted as placement mentor/supervisor for the week and to Catherine White who also spent a few hours with the students. The students also benefited greatly from time spent with clients and staff of our Centre.

We would like to wish Ciara and Romy all the best with the remainder of their studies and send them our best wishes for their future interpreting career with the Deaf community.

Book and Gift Club.
Our Book and Gift Club is back again for 2016. The following products are available to purchase this week. If you would like to view them before ordering, feel free to drop in to our Centre. Staff members here will order the products for you and will send you a text message, email or fax whenthey are ready for collection.

The books and gifts on sale this month are:
  • Spirooli (Fruit and Veg Spiraliser) €15.
  • Vehicles Book Set €11.
  • Hummingbird Solar Lantern €12.
  • What goes where' Book €8.
  • 'Frozen' Look and Find Book €9.
  • Nail Art €8.
  • Friends and Family Frame €12.
  • Photo Lap Tray €12.
  • 8 in 1 Screwdriver €8.
  • Deluxe Hot and Cold Heat Pack €9.
  • Noisy Animals Book €11.
  • Are you my Mummy x4 Book set €8.
  • Wooosh Frisbee Ring €3.
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7 March 2016 (VOL 12 WEEK 10)

Department of Social Welfare Technical difficulties.
Are you in receipt of a Social Welfare payment? On Wednesday March 2nd technical difficulties meant that The Department of Social Welfare was unable to make payments to over 73,000 people.

If you were affected by this technical problem, the advice is to contact your bank.

AIB and the Bank of Ireland customers had their accounts credited later in the day. Ulster Bank was helping customers through its emergency in-branch service. Permanent TSB clients were advised to contact their local branch.

For more information please visit: re-recipients-left-out-of-pocket-today-723364.html.

Dept. of Social Protection (DSP) - Irish Sign Language (ISL).
The Dept. of Social Protection has updated its website recently with information in Irish Sign Language (ISL). To view the new page go to:

Sign Language Interpreting Access With DSP.
The Dept. of Social Protection also has information on its website about Irish Sign Language (ISL) Interpreting access for customers meeting with staff. To view this information, go to: 2%A0Services.aspx.

These new developments are part of the DSP's Customer Charter Action Plan 2013-2015.

The plan covers
  • 125 Social Welfare local and branch offices
  • 84 former FÁS Offices
  • Community Welfare Services Offices
  • The General Register Office (GRO)
  • The Social Welfare Appeals Office
  • The Pensions Board
  • The Office of the Pensions Ombudsman
  • The Social Welfare Tribunal
A number of statutory agencies operate under the aegis of the Department including:
  • Citizen's Information Board
  • MABS- Money Advice Budgeting Service
  • The National Advocacy Service
Cork Deaf Association - St. Patrick's Day Parade.
Cork Deaf Association is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by participating in this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade and would love to get people involved.

They will be signing to members of the public as they walk in the parade and will be holding large cardboard hands depicting Sign Language letters.

If anyone wishes to join them in the Cork Parade as they promote Sign Language awareness, please let Catherine know by email

Further information about this event can be found at:

World Hearing Day 2016.
Did you know World Hearing Day was on March 3rd? This year's theme was 'Childhood hearing loss: act now, here is how?'

The day aimed to raise awareness about public health strategies to reduce the prevalence and impact of hearing loss. It was supported by CBM who advocate for equal rights of persons with disabilities in society. CBM also seek to support healthcare, educational, rehabilitative and income generation services designed to maximise deaf children's and their family's quality of life.

Amongst the range of supports, the website shows Fatmeh during sign language classes in the classroom. It also shows 6 year old Sarah who was born deaf-blind, and now attends the DRC School for the Deaf.

Information in international sign can be viewed at and further information is also available at

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