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27 February 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 9)

Thank you for hearing aid donations for Ethiopia.
We would like to extend a huge thanks to our friend and colleague Grainne Moloney who donated nine 2nd hand hearing aids for our work in Ethiopia.

Our Manager Willie White will in turn donate these to the KAL Deaf Center in Bahir Dar. Catherine Clark is an audiologist in Rochester (USA) and she will re-tune the hearing aids and she will bring them to Ethiopia in August.

The hearing aids will be given to local people in Bahir Dar when they get their hearing tested by a local Deaf person Mulugeta Moges and his hearing colleague Mizanu Cheklie. Both were trained up by Catherine and all 3 of them are sign language users too.

The Centre in Bahir Dar is supported by Visions Global Empowerment and we know its founder Greg Taylor Buie will be delighted too with the donations. Thanks, so much Grainne - we know this will make a huge difference to local people in Ethiopia with a hearing loss.

Thank you to chair and deaf participants of access research meeting.
We would like to thank everyone who attended our meeting during the week on 'Access to Government Depts. and Public Services'.

The meeting was chaired by Tom Martin of TMA Management Consultants with Catherine White acting as interpreter.

Tom is carrying out research on behalf of the Citizens Information Board (CIB) on the challenges faced by Deaf sign language users when they try to access Government services and Public Bodies across Ireland.

Information gathered from the research will be presented to the Board of CIB and to relevant Government Departments. We would like to thank Tom Martin and his colleague for linking in with our service during the course of their research.

We would also like to thank him for taking the time to travel to Co. Kerry to meet with our Manager, staff and in particular members of the Deaf community. Thanks also to Catherine for interpreting the meeting for us.

Documentary on four deaf people 'Deafening' RTÉ 1 2nd of March.
A new TV documentary looking at the lives of four Deaf people will be shown on RTÉ 1 next Thursday 2nd March at 10:15PM.

The documentary is called 'Deafening' and is produced by Mind the Gap Films. On their Facebook page, they say "It's a beautiful piece following four deaf people with unique perspectives on life".

If you would like to learn more about the documentary and the Deaf participants, check out their blog at:

Deaf interpreters summer school with EFSLI.
The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI) are hosting a Spring School that will be of interest to Deaf interpreters.

The school will be held in Slovenia from the 24th-26th of March. The theme will be 'The Role and Status of Deaf Interpreters' and will be presented by Christopher Tester, a WFD-WASLI accredited International Sign (IS) interpreter. He is Deaf and a well-known consultant, educator, interpreter and trainer.

Around the world, there is an assumption that sign language interpreters are always hearing. This is not the case. There is a growing demand for qualified interpreters who are Deaf. The EFSLI school will explore their role as well as Deaf-hearing interpreting teamwork. For more info, go to

Thank you to CDS student Daniel Crean.
Finally, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Daniel Crean, who spent the past fortnight with us on placement as part of his 4th year sign language interpreting studies.

In addition, our thanks to our interpreters Willie, Veronica and Catherine who mentored Daniel and to all our staff and service users who met Daniel while he was on placement in our Centre.
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20 February 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 8)

Kerry Deaf Women's Group (KDWG) Social Lunch.
The Kerry Deaf Women's Group will be having a social lunch on the 22nd of February. It will be held in Scott's Hotel in Killarney at 12.30pm.

The lunch is open to all women. If you have any dietary needs (vegetarian, Gluten Free etc.), please inform the KDWG in advance and they will inform the hotel.

For more information on the lunch and to learn more about the Kerry Deaf Women's Group, check out their Facebook page at:

Deaf participants for research on access to public services.
Our service is looking for Deaf people to participate in an informal meeting with a researcher who is looking at access for the Deaf Community to public services.

The researcher hopes to come to our Centre this Thursday 23rd of February from 2-4pm (approx.)

The researcher is interested in finding out about your experiences in accessing services in Co. Kerry. The challenges in getting access and also about your positive experiences in getting access. If you are available, please let us know ASAP. Thanks.

Deaf participants required for HSE workshop 'access to health services'.
Our service is also looking for two Deaf participants for a workshop with the HSE to look at the experiences of Deaf people accessing various Health services as a patient or service user.

For example: Have you been a patient or service user in hospitals such as The Kerry General Hospital? Have you been an Out-Patient or In-Patient in the hospital? Have you been a patient in Co. Kerry and then transferred to a different hospital such as the Cork University Hospital (CUH)? What about access to GP's?

What were your experiences? How did staff communicate with you? Did they provide you with Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreting access? Did any of the staff know sign language? Did they communicate with you via written notes or lip-reading?

The feedback from patients will be used to guide policy, strategy and design, and act as a guide to teams at local levels on what they should be aiming to achieve practically, in their efforts to integrate services around patient, family and carer needs.

The workshop will be held on the 1st of March from 9.45am - 11.45am. If you are interested in attending, please let us know ASAP.

Book and gift club back again.
Our Book and Gift Club had a new delivery of items this week. These items are provided by Bullseye Book Club and are available to view this week. Payment is by cash or by cheque payable to Bullsyeye Book Club. This week we have the following products:
  • Singing Elephant - €15
  • Cupcake Necklace - €6
  • LED COB Light - €10
  • Boots Socks 3 Pack - €7
  • Friends Verse Frame - €10
  • Tool Kit- Blue - €9
  • Copper Candle Lamp - €10
  • Garlic Chopper - €6
  • Organiser Board- Grey - €9
  • Beer Bottle Opener - €6
  • Trolley Bags Set - €9
  • Times Tables Rewards - €7
  • Giant Wine Glass - €10
  • Clock Memories Frame - €17.
Reminder of raffle tickets for the Ethiopia Deaf Project.
Here is a quick reminder about a fantastic raffle that the Ethiopia Deaf Project (EDP) is organising with all proceeds going to the Ambo Lazarist School for the Deaf in Ethiopia. The raffle tickets arrive into our office today and tickets cost €2 each or €10 for a book.

The prizes are fantastic and include the following:
  • 1st Prize: 43" Smart TV
  • 2nd Prize: iPad Mini
  • 3rd Prize: 32" Smart TV
  • 4th Prize: Notebook
  • 5th Prize: 32" TV
  • 6th Prize: Sat Nav
  • 7th Prize: Tablet
  • 8th Prize: Kindle
  • 9th Prize: Polaroid Camera
  • 10th Prize: Blender.
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13 February 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 7)

Centre For Deaf Studies (CDS) Student On Placement.
We would like to welcome Daniel Crean, a 4th year sign language interpreting student in the Centre for Deaf Studies who will be on supervised placement in our service for the next two weeks.

Daniel is well known in the Deaf community as his parents are Deaf and they play a very active professional and academic role in the Deaf community.

We would like to thank our Manager, Willie White who will mentor Daniel while he is with us in KDRC. We would like to wish Daniel all the best with his placement and hope it is a great learning opportunity for him.

Millie Brother Scholarship For CODAs.
CODA International is now accepting applications for the annual Millie Brother Scholarship.

The scholarship is open to adult CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults). The scholarship can be used for undergraduate or graduate study at any accredited institution of higher education in the world. On average two $3000 scholarship are offered annually. These are one-time scholarships, but you may apply for as many years as you are in school. First-time winners will receive preference.

Applicants may compete for both scholarships, but a separate essay is required for each submission. Applicants must be the hearing son or daughter of Deaf parents; students from any country in the world are eligible to apply, but application materials must be submitted in English. For more information, go to

Update On The Irish Sign Language Recognition Campaign.
As you may be aware the Irish Deaf Society with support from Senator Mark Daly who is from Co. Kerry have been working tirelessly to secure official recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL)

John Bosco Conama has just released an update in ISL on their Facebook page- this follows on from an email response (see below) from an official in the Department of Justice. To see the sign language version go to

"As discussed Minister McGrath's official's in the Department of Justice have put their thoughts on various Government amendments on paper and they are with the Department of Social Protection and the Department of Communications for comments/obs. However, it is hoped that Minister McGrath would be in a position to bring a Memo to Government in a few weeks. After that, and depending on Government approval, the official's go to the Attorney General's office for formal drafting. At this stage, I can't give any indication whatsoever as to how long that would take as that issue will require resolution at Government level in the context of all the other legislative priorities on hand."

Further updates will be posted on their Facebook page, so keep an eye out for them.

Ethiopia Deaf Project (EDP) raffle and great prizes too.
The Ethiopia Deaf Project (EDP) is organising a raffle with fantastic prizes with all proceeds going to the Ambo Lazarist School for the Deaf in Ethiopia. Tickets cost €2 each or €10 for a book. The prizes are fantastic and include the following:
  • 1st Prize: 43" Smart TV
  • 2nd Prize: iPad Mini
  • 3rd Prize: 32" Smart TV
  • 4th Prize: Notebook
  • 5th Prize: 32" TV
  • 6th Prize: Sat Nav
  • 7th Prize: Tablet
  • 8th Prize: Kindle
  • 9th Prize: Polaroid Camera
  • 10th Prize: Blender.
Tickets will be on sale in KDRC within the next week (approx.). In addition, if you are willing to volunteer, we know the organisers of the raffle would appreciate the support. The person who sells the most tickets will also get an IPad Mini.

EDP is a registered charity and supported by the Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM CHY 17070). To volunteer to sell raffle tickets or for more information on the fantastic work that EDP is doing, check out their Facebook page at

6 February 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 6)

Survey for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing in mainstream primary school.
Is your child Deaf or hard of hearing? Are they in a mainstream primary school? In classes between 1st and 6th class? Would you be interested in your child taking part in a study on reading?

Dr Elizabeth Mathews (Dublin City University) and Dr Margaret O'Donnell (Independent Researcher) are recruiting participants for their study examining literacy outcomes for pupils who are Deaf or hard of hearing in mainstream primary schools.

You will receive a copy of your child's test results if you choose to take part. To be involved in this research study, your child must:
  • be between 1st class - 6th class in a mainstream school;
  • be in a mainstream class (i.e. not enrolled in any category of special class/unit) - it is okay if they receive resource teaching outside the mainstream class;
  • be on the visiting teachers' active caseload (i.e. receiving occasional visits in the school);
  • it is okay if they have an additional special educational need other than deafness, but deafness should be their main reason for receipt of educational supports (as determined by the school).
To receive more information on the study, please email Dr Elizabeth Mathews at or phone 01 8842247.

Please provide your name, address and contact telephone number, along with your child's name, the name of their school, and what class they are currently in.

Recruitment of participants will end on 24th February 2017.

Please note: Full informed consent will be sought from you, your child and the school before taking part. Twitter: @DeafEdIreland #DeafAwareTeachers

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