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Kerryman local news  

27 March 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 13)

Cork Deaf Folks Group visit to Tralee to meet with Kerry Deaf.
Cork Deaf Folks Group are planning a day trip to Tralee on Tuesday 4th of April. While they are here, they hope to stop off in The Brogue Inn for tea and scones at 11am and again for lunch at 2pm.

If you are free and would like to attend, we know the Cork Deaf Folks Group would love to see you on the day.

For more information, you can also contact the organiser Eimear O'Rourke (Resource Officer) who works for Cork Deaf Association.

Deaf Adult Literacy Service (DALS) classes.
Last week in our newsletter we mentioned about our new Personal Development classes with Mary Deane Duggan. These classes will take place in our Centre every Tuesday from now until June.

If you would like to register for future DALS classes, please send us your contact details and we can forward them on to DALS.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Deaf Adult Literacy Service (DALS) and the Irish Deaf Society (IDS) who sponsor these classes.

DALS is a service that is funded by the Department of Education and Skills. These classes for provided for Deaf and hard of hearing adults all around Ireland. This is a free service and each class is taught by a Deaf tutor through Irish Sign Language (ISL).

DALS provide day and evening classes for Deaf adults nationwide. If you would like more information about DALS, please visit the link below:

Collections pretending to be for Deaf services.
We have been alerted to fake collections taking place across Ireland recently pretending to be for Deaf services. We have heard of these scams taking place in Dublin, Cork and more recently in Listowel in Co. Kerry.

One scam is stopping people in the street and asking them to support the 'Region Certificate of Regional Asociation for the Dumb Deaf Handicap And The Children'.

It has a number of logos on the page including one for a wheelchair user, an Irish flag, a logo for 'Handicap International' and a logo with 4 small pictures that relate to Deaf people and sign language. At the bottom of the page, it has a logo for Handicap International.

Another scam is where people are calling to houses and looking for money. A scam of this type took place recently in Listowel in Co. Kerry. A person pretending to be Deaf, presents a card to people claiming he is collecting money for an operation. The person claims they are from a country like Romania but are living in Kilkenny or various places in Ireland.

The collectors pretend to be Deaf and mostly communicate in writing only. When a real Deaf person is approached, and responds to them in sign language, the scam artist invents fake sign language and usually walk away very quickly when they know their scam has been spotted.

If you come across any of these fake collectors, please do not give them any money. We would appreciate it if you could also spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues. If you could also inform your local An Garda Siochána, that would be greatly appreciated.

Ethiopia Deaf Project (EDP) raffle.
Just a gentle reminder about a fantastic raffle that is taking place with all money going to the Ethiopia Deaf Project.
  • 1st Prize: 43" Smart TV
  • 2nd Prize: iPad Mini
  • 3rd Prize: 32" Smart TV
  • 4th Prize: Notebook
  • 5th Prize: 32" TV
  • 6th Prize: Sat Nav
  • 7th Prize: Tablet
  • 8th Prize: Kindle
  • 9th Prize: Polaroid Camera
  • 10th Prize: Blender.
Tickets cost €2 each or 6 tickets for €10. If you would like to buy a ticket, our Manager Willie White has tickets for sale. All money raised will go towards the Ambo Deaf Lazarist School (ALDS) for deaf children in Ambo, Ethiopia.
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20 March 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 12)

Personal development classes with Mary Deane Duggan.
We are delighted to announce that Personal Development classes will be held in our Centre every Tuesday from now until June. The classes will be taught by Mary Deane Duggan who is well known in the Deaf community here in Co. Kerry.

The classes will cover: Self Awareness. Confidence Building. Ability to Understand How to Be Independent. Health. Safety. Hygiene. Improving Your Social and Emotional Well-Being.

Classes will be a mixture of teaching styles and will include computer time too.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Mary Deane Duggan. We look forward to working with her in the coming weeks. We know the students will benefit greatly from her teachings too.

Kerry Deaf Womans Group (KDWG) Social Lunch.
The Kerry Deaf Women's Group (KDWG) will be having a social lunch on the 29th March. It will be held in the Grand Hotel Denny Street, Tralee at 12:30pm.

The lunch is open to all women. If you have any dietary needs (vegetarian, Gluten Free etc.), please inform the KDWG in advance and they will inform the hotel.

For more information on the lunch and to learn about the Kerry Deaf Women's Group (KDWG), check out their Facebook page at:

Irish Deaf Society (IDS) AGM.
The Irish Deaf Society have announced their 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM). This will take place on Saturday, 8th April, 2017 in the Deaf Heritage Centre in Deaf Village Ireland (DVI), Dublin.

The meeting will begin at 2pm sharp. The following services will be available at AGM: Motions and elections, Minutes of the 2016 AGM, Financial Report and an Annual Report.

Before the AGM begins an open discussion, meeting will be taking place at 11am to 12:30pm in DHC. This meeting will focus on the topic "Is the Deaf Community dying?".

A Prize draw will take place at the end of the AGM for all IDS members.

All are welcome to attend the meeting. If you want more information on AGM please visit the link below:

CODA weekend away Dublin.
CODA UK and Ireland is organising a CODA weekend in Ireland from the 16th - 18th June.

The weekend is open to over 18-year-old CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults). It promises to be a great weekend where you can meet fellow CODAs from Ireland and the UK.

If you would like more information or to register for the weekend, you can contact Vicki for more information by email to:

Thank you to HSE hearing service for hearing aid donations.
Finally, as you know our service is actively involved in supporting a number of Deaf projects in Ethiopia.

As part of our work with the KAL Deaf Center in a region called Bahir Dar, we have been actively looking for 2nd hand hearing aids that will be re-tuned by Catherine Clark, an audiologist from the USA. She will be bringing them to Ethiopia in August and will fit them to local people assessed as having a hearing loss.

We were thrilled and delighted this week when our local HSE Hearing Service donated 2nd hand hearing aids to our campaign. We would like to thank the team in the Hearing Service for their support of this project.

Our Manager who has been to Ethiopia on 3 previous trips and his last trip also included a trip to KAL Center in Bahir Dar. He knows exactly where the hearing aids will go and he knows they will make a huge difference to the hard of hearing clients of the KAL Deaf Centre. On behalf of our Manager, Catherine Clark (Audiologist), the KAL Deaf Center and Visions Global Empowerment, we would like to extend a sincere and warm thank you to the HSE Hearing Service. Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you would like more information on the KAL Center in Ethiopia, check out their Facebook page:
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13 March 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 11)

Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) student on placement.
We would like to welcome Catherine Murphy, a 3rd year Deaf Studies student in the Centre for Deaf Studies who will be on supervised placement in our service for the next four weeks.

Catherine has been getting involved in the Deaf community through volunteering at different Deaf events. She is looking forward to playing an active role in the Deaf community in Kerry while on placement.

We would like to thank our Manager, Willie White who will mentor Catherine while she is with us in KDRC. We would like to wish Catherine all the best with her placement and hope it is a great learning opportunity for her.

Thank you for hearing aid donations for Ethiopia.
We would like to extend a huge thanks to Margaret Moloney who donated two 2nd hand hearing aids for our work in Ethiopia.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, our Manager Willie White will in turn donate these to the KAL Deaf Center in Bahir Dar. The hearing aids will be sent to Catherine Clark who is an audiologist in Rochester (USA). She will re-tune the hearing aids and she bring them to Ethiopia in August. The hearing aids will be given to local people in Bahir Dar when they get their hearing tested by a local Deaf person Mulugeta Moges and his hearing colleague Mizanu Ceklie. Both were trained up by Catherine and all 3 of them are sign language users too.

For more information on the KAL Center in Ethiopia, check out their Facebook page

Ethiopia Deaf project (EDP) "take the plunge".
The Ethiopian Deaf Project (EDP) have announced their annual St. Patricks day swim.

On their Facebook page the organisers say "It's a great alternative to the parade and always a wonderful social gathering.

We will serve free Ethiopian coffee and Barry's tea to help take away the chill. After we have dried off and thawed out, we will gather at a local pub to " drown the shamrock"! (venue to be confirmed)

If you're not the plunging kind, then please join us to support those who will. A donation of 10e has to be good value to watch people turn purple. With Fr. Stephen Monaghan working away in Ethiopia, we'll have to find and nominate somebody else to lead the dip this year. Any suggestions??

Please turn up in anything green...Paddy's Day style! Any questions...please ask!! Let's have a brrrrrrrrrrilliant day!! P.S. for those who wanna meet up later that night...I suggest MacGowans?!".

For more information on EDP, go to

Ethiopia Deaf Project (EDP) annual Ambo Ramble Charity Cycle.
The annual Ambo Ramble 57km and 127km Charity Leisure Cycle Tour will take place on the 24th of June.

The cycle starts and finishes in the Marion Hall Ballinhassig, Co. Cork and includes a loop of the beautiful West Cork countryside taking in the Old Head of Kinsale.

The aim of the cycle is to raise funds for The Ethiopian Deaf Project which supports the Ambo Lazarist School for the Deaf (ALDS) in Ambo, Ethiopia.

The event is being run in con-junction with Kilgrew Cycles.

Food and water stops will be in Clonakilty and at the finishing line in Ballinhassig (hot showers facilities and free parking also available).

T shirts will be available for all participants. Stewarding, signage and ambulance cover will be in place. Safety Notice: Please note hard shell helmet must be worn or you will not be allowed participate in the event. Please take directions from Gardaí and stewards.

General safety guidelines and maps for the 127km and the 57km routes are available on the cycle registration page.
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6 March 2017 (VOL 13 WEEK 10)

Meeting with Senators on The Irish Sign Language (ISL) Bill.
Last week, our Manager Willie White had the privilege of being invited to a meeting with Senator Jerry Buttimer and Senator Tim Lombard to talk about the official recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL).

The meeting was organised by the Cork Deaf Association (CDA) and included Gerrie O'Grady, Susan O'Callaghan and Andrew Geary from CDA, Linda Rankin from Cork Deaf Enterprises (CDE), Graham O'Shea from Cork Deaf Club (CDC), Dr. John Bosco Conama from the Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) in Trinity College and Willie who represented our service.

Willie says 'It was great to hear from the Senators that the Government and Minister Mc Garth fully support the Bill. They believe once amendments are drafted and have Cabinet approval, there will be no delays in the remaining stages being brought before the Seanad for approval. Thereafter, while further work will still need to be done, the Senators are optimistic that legislation will eventually be enacted.

Our service would like to thank Gerrie O'Grady (CDA) for organising the meeting and for inviting Willie to attend. Our thanks also to Catherine White for her interpreting work.

Letter from Senator Jerry Buttimer - Head of Senate.
During the meeting, Senator Jerry Buttimer presented a letter which gave details on the Government's position on the Irish Sign Language Bill.

"I have been advised that Minster McGrath's officials in the Department of Justice have put their thoughts on various Government amendments to Senator Daly's Bill on paper and they are with the Department of Social Protection and the Department of Communications for comments/observations.

It is hoped that Minster McGrath will be in a position to bring the Memo to Government soon. After that, and depending on Government approval, the amendments go to the Attorney General's office for formal drafting. This process is likely to take some time but I am assured that it is a priority for the Minster and the Department.

The legislative process can be long and drawn out sometimes and I appreciate that can be frustrating. However, there is no point in rushing a Bill through the Oireachtas without proper scrutiny to make sure that eventual legislation enacted is workable and provides the support and protections to the people it is to assist.

I can say however, that once the amendments are drafted and have Cabinet approval, there will be no delay in the remaining stages being brought before the Seanad for its approval. It is my hope that this will happen in April/ May.

Given the support for this bill across the house I do not see why there would be a delay once it reaches the Seanad. I hope this is done in a timely and efficient manner."

Jerry Buttimer - Leader of Seanad Éireann.

Article in Evening Echo on meeting with senators.
We were delighted to see that the Evening Echo featured an article in their newspaper about the meeting. The article was entitled 'Sign language bill to go ahead'.

'A Bill that will enshrine Irish sign language as native and independent will go through the Seanad in the coming months.

Representatives of the deaf community in Cork and Kerry met with Fine Gael senators, Jerry Buttimer and Tim Lombard, on Monday, to outline the status of the bill.

When enacted, the bill will also ensure access for deaf people to public services and information, and ensure the registration and regulation of ISL interpreting services.

The ISL bill has been drawn up by Fianna Fáil senator, Mark Daly, and amendments to it are currently being considered. It is expected the amendments will shortly go to the attorney general's office, before Cabinet approval is sought.

Senator Buttimer told representatives of the Cork Deaf Association, the Cork Deaf Enterprises, the Cork Deaf Club and the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre that it is anticipated that the bill could go before the Seanad in April or May.

Director with the Cork Deaf Association and Cork Deaf Enterprises, Andrew Geary, said "Everyone hopes that the legislation for the Irish deaf community will lead to true equality, education, and employment. A lot of the deaf community do not feel they are being cherished equally."

Senator Buttimer said: "It was a very good engagement with members of the deaf community. Many interesting and genuine points were raised by members, with passion and conviction."

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