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29 July 2019 (VOL 14 WEEK 32)

Catherine White presents CODA documentary at CODAlove conference.
In our update last week, we focussed on the CODALove international conference that was held in Fontainbleau outside Paris. This conference was aimed at hearing adults who grew up with deaf parents who are commonly known as CODAs.

Four CODAs from Co. Kerry had the opportunity to attend the event, one of whom was our own Catherine White from Tralee. While at the conference, Catherine chaired a session to a packed room on the recent Irish TV documentary 'Mother Father Deaf'. The programme interviewed a number of Irish CODAs from across Ireland and gave an insight into their unique linguistic and cultural background growing up as hearing in a deaf environment.

After the screening, a question and answer forum also took place that gave more background to the lives of Irish CODAs. We were delighted to see that the documentary got fantastic feedback from fellow CODAs from across the globe. There was a strong call for the programme to be made available online so that more CODAs and indeed the deaf community internationally could get to see the outstanding documentary.

Well done to Catherine for sharing the documentary on an international setting. It's great to see Irish CODAs being shown in such a fantastic light. Sincere thanks also to the production company for agreeing to the screening.

Closing up for annual leave holidays.
It's that time already when we get ready for our yearly holidays. This year we close on Wednesday 31st of July at 5pm. We will be closed for the month of August. We will re-open again on Monday 2nd of September at 10am.

We would like to wish our hard working staff and Board members a very enjoyable holiday. Our sincere thanks to them for their support throughout the year and we look forward to working with you all again in September.

For customers that require interpreting access for legal or medical emergencies during our annual leave, please contact: or
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22 July 2019 (VOL 14 WEEK 31)

Back home after CODAlove Paris conference.
Four adult CODAs (children of deaf adults) from Co. Kerry have just returned home after a wonderful few days at the international CODAlove conference in Fontainebleau in France.

The conference hosts were CODA France and CODA International. Here is what one of the participants had to say about the unique event that was organised specifically for hearing adults who grew up with deaf parents.

"So, we are now back home after our #CODAlove conference in France and what an experience it was!!! To meet 244 fellow #CODAs from around the world was amazing, inspiring, enjoyable and it felt like we were immersed in a #motherfatherdeaf bubble.

It's bizarre to think that just because we all had Deaf parents, that we would bond across languages, cultures, identities, intersectionalities and countries. We had CODAs from near and far...Ireland, the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and countless more countries.

Regardless of our age, our gender, our experiences both personally and professionally, we have a unique multi-coloured thread that binds us all together. We shared stories, laughed, cried and danced together. We listened to powerful story tellers recount their life stories through speech, sign language or a mixture of both. We were immersed in stunning performances from CODAs across the globe and we identified with it all.

Only those who have grown up with #deafparents truly understand that experience and to be in France with an international mix of fellow CODAs was stunning.

It felt like we were sprinkled with CODA magic dust and we were wrapped up in an international, linguistic, cultural and intersectionality CODA bubble. Add in the tremendous hard work of #CODAFrance and #CODAInternational and we had the perfect recipe for success.

To everyone that made this a special conference and for helping to inflate our international CODA identities again, a huge thank you and merci beaucoup".
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15 July 2019 (VOL 14 WEEK 30)

CODAlove conference
No update for this week as we are attending the CODAlove conference in Fontainbleau in France. This international conference is aimed at adult CODA's (children of deaf adults) and ties in with the international work of CODA International.
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8 July 2019 (VOL 14 WEEK 29)

Sign language plans for Cork City Council minutes.
Sign language plans for Cork City Council minutes. Irish Sign Language (ISL) users are watching with interest on a new possible development in Cork city which could open up access to city council meeting minutes.

Motions are to be brought before the Council from Councillors Lorna Bogue (GP) and Tony Fitzgerald (FF) for approval on Monday night which, if passed, mean interpretations will be made publicly available following meetings. In a separate motion, the councillors will ask for the council to provide ISL interpreters when accessing local authority services. If these motions pass, it may encourage other Councils or ISL users to try and secure similar access in their own counties.

We would like to wish the Councillors all the best with their motions and we look forward to seeing the outcome of their debates.

How did this come about? The Irish Sign Language (ISL) act 2017.
ISL became recognised as an official language when the Irish Sign Language Act 2017 was signed by President Michael D Higgins into Law in December 2017.

Government Depts./ Public Bodies have 3 years since that date to start preparing to ensure they do 'all that is reasonable' to ensure that interpretation into ISL is provided for a person who is competent in that language and cannot hear or understand English or Irish when seeking services provided by Dept./Body.

The challenge since then is to create awareness amongst Government Depts and Public Bodies about the Act. Not all staff members even in senior positions are aware of the new Law. Therefore, significant amount of work still needs to be done to raise awareness before access is put into practice. If you are wondering who is considered to be a Government Dept./Public Body, have a look (from page 7 onwards) at: Register of Public Sector Bodies in Ireland April 2019.pdf.
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1 July 2019 (VOL 14 WEEK 28)

Update on new name and new logo.
It's been a busy few months for us looking into developing a new name and logo for our service to mark our 20 years in service. We were delighted with the response and suggestions we got from Board, staff, customers and supporters. We then began the process of looking at the proposed names and sample logos to see if any were already registered by other companies and sadly many of them were already taken up. We are now close to the final selection and we are doing our last piece of research to see if we can register one as our new name and logo.

If all goes well, we hope to announce the new name and logo after we return from annual leave, sometime in September onwards. Our sincere thanks to everyone for your thoughts and suggestions, we really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on everything. Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer before we have a new name, logo and identity to represent who we are in 2019 as opposed to who we were when we inititally opened up back in 1999.

Upcoming event in cork with the Cork Deaf Community Choir.
Our friends and colleagues in Cork would like to let you know of an upcoming event that is taking place on Friday July 12th in the Main Quad in University College Cork (UCC).

The event starts at 7pm and will feature a range of artists including the Cork Deaf Community Choir. A sign language interpreter isl being provided for the full show. Tickets are €10 each. To get tickets, you can contact the Choir via their Facebook page at

Interpreting access while we are closed for annual leave.
For any customers that require sign language interpreting access during our annual leave in August, you can contact or
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