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20 April 2018 (VOL 15 WEEK 17)

Text, email and telephone support (Co. Councils/Garda/HSE).
In a previous update, we mentioned about a new text, email and telephone helpline from the County Council/ Garda/ HSE.

To see more information about this service in Irish Sign Language (ISL), go to

The new helplines are available across most County Council's in Ireland. To get contact details, visit your local County Council's website.

For those living here in Co. Kerry, you can:
  1. Text: 50555.
  2. Email:
  3. Telephone: 1800 807 009.
In your message, type the word SUPPORT and your name. You can also specify what services / supports you are looking for? To ensure they do not ring you back, you can mention that you require a text or email reply.

Here are the list of services available in Co. Kerry and we have heard they are also available in other counties:
  1. Food, medicine, fuel.
  2. Transport to Test Centre and Hospital.
  3. Social isolation (to visit / check up on people who live alone / isolated).
  4. Meal delivery.
  5. Garda community support.
  6. Medical/ health needs.
  7. GAA/ Rural Link/ Volunteer Centres.
  8. County Council.
  9. Alone (service for elderly).
  10. Meals on Wheels/ GAA.
  11. An Garda Siobhan's.
  12. HSE.
Coronavirus visual poster.
A very practical and visual poster has been developed for deaf and hard of hearing if they have medical concerns about Covid-19.

To view the poster, go to (16th of April at 15:51) or visit

Our sincere thanks to the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH) for creating this Coronavirus Visual Tool to assist medical professionals and deaf and hard of hearing individuals communicate better during medical appointments. They have created this version for those of us outside of Massachusetts who wish to use it.

In this version, they have left out Massachusetts-specific information, allowing agencies to put in their own contact and location information into the blank area.

While this tool is free to use, they ask that everyone respect copyright requirements and not to substantially modify this document other than by adding your personalised information in the space provided. They ask all of us to credit MCDHH as the developers of this Visual Tool, and retain the recognition of Wisconsin for their contribution.

As a final request from MCDHH, please email them at to let them know that you decided to use the card and any feedback you may have. They would like to thank you very much, and hope this tool will be most useful to you!
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6 April 2018 (VOL 15 WEEK 15)

To view this in Irish Sign Language (ISL) go to

We have been informed of important supports during the covid-19 outbreak:
Need to see your doctor? Interpreters available by video link. If you communicate through Irish Sign Language (ISL) and need to see your doctor/GP, freelance interpreters are now available by video. The HSE recently announced too that they would pay for this type of sign language interpreting access. For more information, contact our service or

For people living alone or vulnerable, here is some important information:

Community garda can visit people at home.

The Community Garda service is happy to drive to their house and check up on them. In Co. Kerry, we know they are active in Tralee, Killarney and Listowel.

For the Kerry, Cork, Limerick- southern region, check out

We have been informed that other Garda Stations are also doing this in other parts of the country too. For more info, go to or

Meals on wheels - food delivery to your house.
Meals on Wheels are delivering food to people's houses across the country.

For Tralee, you can check out:

For the Meals on Wheels national network, go to:

14 night residential service for people with covid-19.
A new drop-down service is available for 14 nights in Co. Kerry. The person would be provided with a place to live and the HSE will provide supports and services for them.

We believe similar services will be provided in other counties too. More information will be available from local HSE offices.

For more support on covid-19.
If you are looking for more supports, including videos in sign language from the HSE, contact details are available at:
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