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New Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreting policy for CIB services

The policy covers the following national services:

  • 42 local Citizens Information Services (CIS) which provides information on public services and entitlements in Ireland
  • 51 Money Advice Budgeting Services (MABS) that support clients with problem debt in any area, including mortgage arrears, bank loans, overdrafts, utilities or credit cards.
  • The National Advocacy Service (NAS) for People with Disabilities provides an independent, confidential and free, representative advocacy service
Provision of accessible services for Deaf and hard of hearing customers - CIB's commitments
The Citizens Information Board (CIB), an agency under the aegis of the Department of Social Protection supports the provision of information, advice (including money and budgeting advice) and advocacy services to citizens on a wide range of social and public services.

CIB delivers on its remit to provide services to the public by supporting a network of delivery partners which include 42 local Citizens Information Services (CIS), 51 local Money Advice and Budgeting Services (MABS), the National Advocacy Service, the Citizens Information Phone Service and the Sign Language Interpreting Service.

The Citizens Information Board's commitment is that people will receive independent, reliable information, advice and advocacy wherever they are located in Ireland and in a way that suits their needs.

CIB's Customer Service Charter available on sets out the principles that underpin its service and the Customer Service Action Plan describes how these principles are applied.

Specific Quality Standards and Procedures for Accessibility for CIS's have been developed. These also apply to the other delivery partner services (MABS, CIPS, NAS).

An extract from the relevant Standard Procedure has the following provision:
  • If a person with a hearing impairment and speech difficulties presents at any of these services and requests oral information and dialogue in an accessible format, the customer will be assisted with one or more of the following options depending on which best meets their needs(1):
  • The portable Induction Loop system in the CIS location when the client is meeting the Receptionist and Information Officer.
  • The CIPS Live Advisor Service(2) Do this by logging onto
    and "Start the Live Advisor service in a new window".
  • IRIS (Irish Remote Interpreter Service), if the technical requirements are available, by contacting or by phone on 0761 078440 or text on 087 980 6996 to book an appointment.
  • The Citizens' Information Centre in the Deaf Village, Cabra, provided by St. Vincent's CIC in conjunction with Dublin North West CIS.
  • An in-person sign language interpreter which can be booked through SLIS (Sign Language Interpreting Service) for an appointment time which suits the client. There is no cost to the client for this service.
The Citizens Information Board has an Access Officer who may be contacted at

Information and Customer Services,
Information Services,
Social Welfare Services,
College Road,
1890 66 22 44

22 November 2016

(1) Hearing impairments can range from minor difficulties with hearing normal speech or particular sound frequencies to profound deafness. Many individuals with impaired hearing can lip-read; some use hearing aids and some visual support (such as text phones, real time captioning or video relay services); others may require sign language interpreters.
(2) The Live Advisor Service is intended for people with hearing and speech difficulties and for others who have difficulty communicating by telephone. Live Advisor allows you to chat directly with the Information Officer in CIPS in relation to your social and civil rights in a chat-room environment

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